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Orange Marmalade

May 2, 2014

***This is a somewhat spoiler free review***

What do you get when you have a decent cast that do decent things but then get a rushed ending? Orange Marmalade.

Story: 5/10

I'll say that the whole vampire hiding in society thing was actually pretty well done. The basic premise of this Manhwa is that we follow the main protagonist as she fights her way through having a somewhat normal high school experience. Too bad she has some really hot guy all over her and has many friends that care for her. But noooooo she doesn't want any of that; well not at first. One thing I really liked about how the plot moved was that the main character did start to mature and open up to the rest of the cast. There was a very clear development of her character that had many milestones hit. Unfortunately what dragged it down was the other main character Jae-Min who in my honest opinion ruined the whole story. He is your typical single minded male lead that just loves to fuck everything up.

The worst offence however is the rushed ending. It was tied up so god damn fast that I was flabbergasted at the closer we received for some characters. You have a complete breakdown of one of the supporting casts...and she ends up with the man that was just using her for her blood...? Blaaa one of the worst endings I have ever seen and it unfortunately drags down the entire Manhwa.

Art: 7/10

Most Manhwa's are done with photoshop and lack really detailed colors. The Manhwa Tower of God was the same way for awhile but it soon developed its own sense of style that made it look unique. It would be a stretch to say that Orange Marmalade has its own style but some of the scenes do look pretty good. I did like most of the character models and background shots.

Characters: 6.3/10

This really made me grind my teeth because while most of the characters had their great moments, it was all ruined by the ending. Jae-Min just came off as a horrible horrible lead. Some of the supporting cast were pretty interesting but when they needed to stick up for Ma-Ri when she really needed it, most of them dropped the ball. To make things worse the ONE character that I felt actually cared about Ma-Ri throughout the entire story f$#ks up big time in the end.

A HUGE letdown.

Overall: 6.1/10

I won't go as far as reviewer Bradalee and say this is a complete waste of time due to the ending but I will say to prepare to lose all respect for the characters that you have grown attached to. The rushed ending leaves a lot to be desired but the moments before the climax were pretty enjoyable to watch.

Enjoyment: 5.2/10

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Awesome Drummer

5/10 story
7/10 art
6.3/10 characters
6.1/10 overall
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