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Love Lab

Sep 30, 2013

***Spoiler free review***

Love Lab is one of those many (and when I say many I really mean millions) cutesy girl anime that revolve around a school setting. Furthermore it takes place at an all girl’s high school where everyone is petrified to even be near a man thus bringing us to Love Lab quirky but somewhat plausible premise. It is a flawed show...but I still love it.

Story: 4/10

I found the premise of the show extremely superficial since I find it hardly believable that these girls would have almost no experience even being around boys. Basically these girls start up a “Love Lab” as a part of the student council. They would take questions on love (which they have no clue about) from students that asked and somehow answer them. This however was easy to look past (for me at least) since the characters were really the stars of the show. You can defenently draw comparisons to K-On in this setting; you didn’t watch K-On for the music aspect of the show but rather the character interactions. The same applies here as if you are seriously watching this show for the plot then you have very low standards.

Animation: 6/10

This just may be my weirdness but I swear at one point in the show the animation quality dropped down. I feel as if things like how the character’s hair flowed or the clarity of background objects just suddenly lost effort. Regardless the show sports some okish visuals. Each character is very appealing to look at (eyes yum) but other than that I feel as if everything else was just passable.

Sound: 4.5/10

Nothing really stood out here. Some ok tunes but I didn’t find anything over the top. Didn’t like the OP or ending stuff either.

Characters: 8/10

I LOVED all the characters except the annoying vice president Maki. Other than her, all the other characters really flowed well with each other and brought some sort of enjoyment to what was going on. My personal favorite was Enomoto since she eventually starts to open up to the club and provide some helpfulness.

Overall: 5.6/10

Overall the show was pretty bland but I did end up enjoying it. Loved the character interactions and there were some moments of awesomeness on the animation front (though VERY limited). I would recommend this anime as one of those rainy day type stuff you watch when there is literally nothing left.

Enjoyment: 8/10

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Awesome Drummer

4/10 story
6/10 animation
4.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
5.6/10 overall
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