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Name: [Blank]

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Age: [15]

Gender: Im a guy

Sexuality: [Straight]

Anime I Love:


Black Clover




Akami GA kill 


Attack on Titan


Strike blood 


Guilty Crown


Much more basically any on my watched list 

            Fav characters are definitely Inori of guilty crown 

 Asta from Black Clover.

Archer From the Fate series

Eren And Mikasa from AOT

Fuutarou From QQ

And a couple More

Im mostly a gamer tho. We can be friends I guess as well if you want. But if your just a toxic little creep then nah.

I like chill and Beat heavy music I dont like rock or rap

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DogNamedPancake May 14, 2020

Hello, im looking for friends(cause i have none xD...ah thats sad). I'm about the same age as you and, frankly, i just want a fellow weeb to talk too. If you want a friend or just a person who also likes anime a lot, consider talking to me. Thanks for reading! :D