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Mousekateer627 Sep 21, 2020

Hello again 

I hope the times are good to you. I hope you're doing well during these times.

It's good to hear from you again. I'm sorry to respond so late since I don't chat here as much as I used to but I'll definitely make up for it if you want to have another conversation on mangas, anime and games. 

Since we last chatted, I got married and a lot of things have changed including a bit of my routine. Fortunately he's a fellow weeb so no decline in that area.

I'm playing through lots of games mainly on Steam and I've also played a lot with the Switch and also watching some movies and western cartoons. 

I'm not binging as much animes as before but I'm quite proud of how much I finished during the lockdown, which are:

1) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and now reading part 6

2) Higurashi when they cry, after reading the VNs and mangas

3) Re:zero, currently watching season 2

4) Cowboy Bebop

5) Samurai Champloo 

6) Vinland Saga 

7) Beastars and the manga 

8) BNA

9) Interspecies Reviewers (I'm amazed for so many reasons)

10) Erased 

These are just to name a few. Now I'm currently going through The God of High School, Uzaki-chan, Arkawa Under the Bridge and the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

As for games and VNs, aside from what I mentioned I also played Catherine Fullbody, Air (rewatched the anime as well), The Zero Escape Trilogy, Corpse Party series, currently playing through Persona 4 Golden and will start Little Busters pretty soon.

The13invisible Sep 11, 2020

"And who are you shipping together?" I do not understand :D

The13invisible Sep 5, 2020

Hey, thanks. Haven't been on this page and near anime for many years. And here I am again after discovering shipgirls are a thing <3
I remember Lust she was fun:)

Amirothaninja Sep 4, 2020

That's how most shitty romance manga are. And I agree ecchi action is the best animated

Poiuw Sep 3, 2020

Well, this is a late reply. Though, I have a reason for that - I had the last exam and now I have degree.

I think that unfair is the fact that anime Devils Line has the worst review with 7 points and average rating 3,5. And it is really awfull, FMA:B has few even worse reviews. Understand your lack of interest, dont ever wacht it.

First season of Tokyou Ghoul wasnt that bad like I said, but next seasons were gradually becoming just a source of money from hardcore fans. 2 series you havent seen yet are technically bad, animation is much worse that first season, stupid main characters that have no impact on story and Kaneki playing role of an idiot. I really dont like Studio Pierrot, I sometimes cant depict the storyline because the stories have no sense of direction (looks like random events) and the animation isnt that great either.

Gintama is funny, but cant really watch many episodes in short time. That where I made a mistake when I have started it. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere isnt that funny, more like WTF? It balances on the edge of parody, at least very bizzare, you can tell that even from the look of characters, but you can try it. Even though my brain was really aching, my eyes were quite pleased by very curvy and scantily clad girls.

If furry means cute girls with ears and tails then thats it, I would say it is shounen where MC is progressing rapidly. The anime is really cute (animation PA Works). Sexual harassment between teenagers (perverted school boys trying to do pervy things to maybe their love interest) is really nothing compared to this where running gag is trainer (probably 40+- years old) trying to touch his trainees (girls 16 +-). I just dont like how that fictional universe perceives those girls - tools to get rich.

I have seen Harry Potter countless times, every 6 months at least. First two films very directed by different director. I like the third and next films more, too.

You mean Hunter x Hunter right, because there is another anime with that tag. Hunter x Hunter is my 3rd favorite action shounen.

Im not watching that many anime, too. I prefer playing VNs lately.