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Why Boku no Hero Academia is Garbage

  By: Liam


     My Hero Academia. Oh boy~. Also known as Boku no Hero Academia for our Japanese

friends is “The Anime of The Decade.” “The Next One Piece.”  According to lots of articles and people. Despite the fact that all the seasons of it are in the top #500 on MyAnimeList. Which is considerably good considering the amount of anime that exist in the world. I can confidently, with all my heart. Say that My Hero Academia. Boku no Hero Academia. Is the worst, most garbage anime eve,  in my humble opinion.

     Starting off with the protagonist of the story. Yes… Izuku Midoriya. Aka Deku. Where do I fucking begin with this cliché, dense motherfucker. Izuku Midoriya has arguably the most cliché backstory you can create with a shonen main character. “Weak kid becomes strong.” “Overpowered teen beats everyone up.” Can you get more basic than that? Him, even though he’s the main protagonist of the said story. Is the weakest link of the show. Amazing, right? The main character of this supposedly “Amazing” show, and has the worst character development in the whole anime. That’s me being generous. I doubt you can consider anything done in that show “Character Development.” regarding Deku of course. Since in my eyes, Mineta has a stronger link to the show than him. Not to mention the fact that Midoriya is a huge fucking pussy. I mean, this kid actually cries about everything. Yeah sure, it’s supposed to be a joke. But it’s not even fucking funny. Like holy shit, it ruins his shit character ever more. It makes scenes where he genuinely is crying, seem to be a joke, where you feel no emotion to his actions. Here’s an example.

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This is a screenshot of Deku crying. And looking at it, you can obviously see this is a joke. This happens like every other episode,  it goes to the point where it’s very fucking annoying. Now look at this:


These are screenshots of Luffy crying. The first picture features him crying at the death of Merry. Yes that’s right, a boat. It’s a bit ironic though because that scene was actually extremely sad. Unlike the scenes which feature Deku crying in MHA, you  can genuinely feel what Luffy and the other Straw Hats are feeling in this scene. Sorrow… Regret… Sadness. Much unlike when Deku is crying for “comedic” reasons. Now the second image I’ve brought up is when Luffy is crying at Ace’s death. Even though his cry looks a bit humorous, it’s much much more sad than all of Deku’s cries combined. And I know million of people cried or felt some type of pain going through this scene. You see, that’s what MHA doesn’t have. From the first episode and chapter of One Piece, Oda began developing his story and characters to the best of his abilities. Just so a scene like this can be constructed and commenced in the future. Horikoshi, the writer of MHA is unable to do that now. The story has already begun, and no solid character development has been made, the past four seasons for Deku. That’s why, even if MHA miraculously becomes “good” somehow. It’ll still never reach the likes of One Piece or Naruto.

     My Hero Academia also fails to make trade offs. In season three of My Hero Academia, there was a fight featuring All Might and All For One, where they crossed swords with one another until All Might was on the verge of death. Right then and there, he should’ve died. All Might used his remaining power to defeat All For One. Putting all of it into one arm. Now, All For One was defeated, why not kill off All Might? With the whole world watching, not only would Deku start forming better character, but everyone else in U.A would. So why didn’t Horikoshi end All Might right there? That’s because Horikoshi does not know how to sacrifice. Well let me rephrase that. Horikoshi focuses on trivial things that don’t better the story at all, instead of looking into the bigger picture. He should’ve killed All Might, and with him not knowing how to sacrifice. It ruins the story and makes it worse than it could’ve had the potential to be.

     Going back to Deku. Horikoshi tries to make Deku relatable to the watcher or reader. He tries to make him relatable to the point where it becomes bad writing. “How can I call myself a hero if I can’t even save one little girl?” That’s a quote from our protagonist. Now, you may be misunderstanding something. Making the character relatable is not a bad thing. In fact it’s the opposite. You see, that’s what Shonen anime are supposed to be, something a teen boy can relate too. But Horikoshi does one thing wrong. He fails at being unique. He tries. But he fails. He attempts at making Deku seem like the model protagonist. Who saves girls and fights crime. But that’s not something you want to do while writing, since it really gets boring at times.  Let me show you something.


<table style="text-decoration: none;"><tbody><tr><td width="40"> </td> <td width="183"> </td> <td width="67"> </td> <td width="183"> </td> </tr><tr><td> </td> <td> </td> <td> </td> <td> </td> </tr></tbody></table>

This is Eren Jager. In the first picture, Eren is at the point of the story where he sees a bright future ahead of him. Unlike Deku, Eren started with a goal, and had a reason for his said goal. He wanted to kill all the Titans. Why? Because his mother was killed, and couldn’t stand to see Titans after that. Now go to Deku. His goal is to become the #1 hero. Why? Because he wants to help others… Are you fucking serious? You see, Horikoshi forgets to add personal desire to Deku. Eren, on the other hand want to kill all the Titans for his own sake. So he can be satisfied. Being selfish is not bad, it’s what should keep you motivated to reach the goal. But Deku is becoming the #1 hero why? For others sake? Then there should be nothing driving him towards achieving that if it’s not for his own satisfaction. He shouldn’t have the motivation to keep going. So why does he have that motivation? Why does he risk his life and break his own bones just to help others? Maybe he finds satisfaction in helping others. But just being a “good person.” Is not a good driving factor and goal for the  protagonist of  “The Best Anime of The Decade.” Even Luffy’s goal is for himself. He wants to become The King of The Pirates so he can have the most freedom in the world. That’s what’s driving him. Luffy being a good person is nothing but a personality. It’s not a goal for him. He helps others to achieve his goal. Instead of his goal being to help others. Now, onto the second picture of Eren. In the second picture of Eren, this point of the story is where he knows what he has to do, to achieve his goal. But now. His goal has changed. You see, his goal was never to kill all the Titans. That was nothing but a thing he had to do to achieve his real goal. His real goal is freedom. He wants to be free. He wants to be able to sleep at night without worrying about being killed in his sleep or the next day. But after realizing that even after killing all the Titans. There were people across the ocean. Eren had a breakdown. And completely changed from his former self, seen in the first picture. It’s to the point where it’s visually seen, permanently. He becomes almost expressionless. That’s what Horikoshi fails to do. He fails to permanently change Deku visually and mentally. Even after witnessing villains like All For One, and Overhaul. He still is the same as he was in the first chapter. His views in life didn’t change at all. Now I heard a time skip is coming up in MHA, so let’s see if any development is made then.

     Going into the concept of super hero’s in anime. Now, the concept is really interesting. But the way it’s conducted by Horikoshi is absolute garbage. The powers aren’t unoriginal to say. But they’re not interesting either. Look at JoJo. The powers take time to understand, and after realizing how they work. You’ll be like. Wow, that’s really cool. But with My Hero, the powers aren’t interesting. They’re just stupid. Turning sweat into explosions is plain “What the fuck.” The worldbuilding in it is nothing to be excited over either. It’s literally just Earth.

     Onto the next critique. Horikoshi is rushing  the wrong things but taking too much time on the same things as well. The first tournament arc happened in the first I think 30 episodes of the show. That’s not supposed to happen. You can see that some anime and manga like Naruto take about a 100 episodes for an arc like that to happen. And even then the tournament is not the main focus of the arc. MHA’s tournament arc was just plain boring and a struggle to read/watch. Todoroki, Deku, and Bakugo being the strongest characters in the tournament was not a good idea. Horikoshi should’ve introduced stronger, better written characters in the tournament, on par to Deku and the others. The audience knowing those 3 would obviously be in the finals, made the tournament much less enjoyable and very predictable.

     I can’t believe I almost forgot this one. The fandom… Holy shit. The MHA fandom is the literal definition of cancer. If cancer had an alternate name, it would be called  the MHA fandom. Threatening the creator just because something didn’t go their way is not a good fandom. Doxxing people when they say MHA is not good... Is definitely not a good fandom. And I know what you’re going to say. The fandom being mad doesn’t make the anime bad. But unfortunately, it does. It makes the show connected to the fandom. When watching or reading the anime and manga. I start subconsciously thinking of the gay ships the fandom make. It’s disgusting, and no matter what you say. It 1000000% ruins the already shit show.

     Onto my final point and yes it’s about Deku. Deku is NOT an underdog. Like most Shonen, the main character tends to be the underdog who isn’t that strong. But gradually gets stronger using their creativity (Luffy’s Gears.). Deku on the other hand has no creativity in his powers and attacks. Well unless you consider basic martial arts creative. Which it is. But not in the world of anime. Deku is not an underdog. And it takes away the feeling most Shonen have. He’s underestimated. But not an underdog. He was given his power. He didn’t have to work for it at all. Even Blackbeard spent years planning on which power he wanted, and took years obtaining it. Instead, Deku was given his power by All Might. Not just any power, the supposed strongest power in the whole anime. That was the biggest flaw they could’ve made in the anime. It ruined the show. Even after a very very short training arc. Deku was still stronger than most pro heroes. It took away all the creativity, originality, and potential. Deku could’ve had as a person.

     I know what you’re thinking. Don’t all you’re claims just mean Deku is a bad character. The show isn’t bad though. Well that’s where you’re wrong. The main character is supposed to be the main focus of the show. Say you replace Luffy with Deku in One Piece. Do you think the show would still be as good? No. Deku being the dense, cliché motherfucker he is ruins the show. After all I’ve said. I hope you too can realize, how bad of an anime. My Shit Academia is.

Ok Ok. UPDATE. After Deku became a vigilante. He's better now. But it'd be better if he becomes a villain.

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