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My name's John and my age is above. :)

I work as a web information system developer for Stora Enso.

I got introduced to anime by a japanese girl I played Lineage ][ with but lost contact with her quite a few years ago. The first anime I've seen was Witch Hunter Robin, followed by Record of Lodoss War (still one of my most favorite).

Till today I watched lots of anime series, but unfortunately there are a lot I can't remember so I can't add them to my list here. But perhaps I will remember in time. :)

In my free time, other than watching anime, I do Kung-Fu, exercise and study movement in general as I plan to walk the path of strength training instructor,  read fantasy books, play guitar (better said "I do have guitar but can't play sh*t actually") and play some PC games.

If you wanna ask something or just chat, feel free to leave me message and I'll reply as soon as possible. :)

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RakkiKuroNeko Mar 27, 2016

Hi, I'm back after a long break from a-p, how are you? 

Sorry for my super late reply >< 

I totally agree, I tried to improve my lifestyle a bit so far but I'm still struggling :/ I have became a vegetarian as of recent :)

Have a happy easter! 

RakkiKuroNeko Aug 8, 2015

Hey, Sorry for my late reply :/ 

That's good! I'm actually attempting to improve my lifestyle at the moment, It's quite hard because I'm very lazy xD I'm good thankyou ^^ 

Any weekend plans? :3 

Sianeka Aug 4, 2015

RhodryCZ says...  As of now I find this site more than useful. So many series to watch! :) Yet so little time.. gotta choose carefully. :)

So much anime I want to see, so very little time available.  So much anime, so little time has become sort of a mantra for me...  It seems no matter how much anime from my Want to Watch list I see, it never goes down because I'm always adding to it faster than I can view it down!

The site's recommendation database (which is the thing that brought me to this site in the first place!) is so good, and yet that's so very bad: it so very often gives me ideas for new titles I want to see!

EMIA Aug 4, 2015

Moc hezké bio. To je tak, když někdo umí anglicky. ^-^'

(A už si přidej tu ikonu!)

SilentKiller Aug 3, 2015

You're welcome I hope you enjoy it here. and if you every want to chat or become friends I'm here. Just drop a comment on my page :)