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Hello and welcome if someone got lost here. Either to discuss something with me or to throw salt at me.

My name is Alex, I am now 25 years old and have been watching anime since I was 10. Originally I was something you could also call a "weeb" in the early years of my anime scene. Back then I rated every nonsense with 10/10 stars and I didn't think that there was actually a difference between good and bad works and that it was all in the taste of the people. In the meantime I am enlightened and write critical, neutral as possible reviews. I spend the rest of the time at my campfire and try to organize my thoughts on my trip.

In any case, there is one point that has never changed for me over the years. I still think bad anime can be entertaining too. There are actually one or the other anime that is below average and can still come across as personable. Nevertheless, one should not be guided by feelings when making ratings.

My evaluation standards are as follows

1⭐Disaster. To go down that far, you have to make one mistake after another without making up for it with positive points.
2⭐Not worth seeing. A work that failed in almost every area.
3⭐Weak. Such series have almost nothing to speak of, but you can still watch them somehow.
4⭐ Below average. Titles that have a lot of wasted potential.
5⭐ Average. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
6⭐Series that can be called "above average" through their implementation.
7⭐Very interesting series that cannot be at the top, but are very well remembered.
8⭐Great anime that stand out from the crowd. They are lacking in some areas, but these works will never be forgotten.
9⭐ An unparalleled top title in every aspect. Will stand above almost all other works in the future and many will talk about them.
10⭐A title that could come closest to the "word" masterpiece. Such works are almost flawed and have shown great quality in every area.

Intermediate evaluations such as 5.5⭐ / 10 ⭐
show for me only that the work was able to stand out from the average through a few special events or scenes, but could never prove itself further.

And noted, there are no differences between the genre focus.
A comedy can be on the same level as an extremely difficult story flick. Each work has its own genre approaches and must be assessed and judged according to its own standards.



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kasasagi May 23, 2022

Ah I see, my rating systems (if you can call it that^^') is kinda similiar. Even if I consider a show one of my favorites, I don't necessarily give it a perfect score, because there are usually aspects that might be flawed. But I don't (or can't?) factor my enjoyment out completly. Plus context, like the time period it as made in, also plays its part I think. But to me it's always cool when someone has a super-thought out scoring system they follow. 

Yes, I understand what you mean. I think it's silly to hate on something just because it's popular and then believe you're some kind of genius because of it. And giving everything a perfect score kind of misses the point of a scoring system in itself.

I also don't really understand this immense desire for a consensus when it comes to ratings. How boring would the world be if we all liked the same things. It's much more interesing to see things from anothers point of view.   

kasasagi May 22, 2022

Hello, just wanted to say that I like your reviews / comments. Even though I don't always agree (which I think is natural) I think your perspective is interesting. Hope you're having a great day / night :) 

OsumarefromMAL May 21, 2022

"I am so glad the author didnt abuse her for fan service." (Your comment on Wendy from Fairy Tail)

Yeah I agree, I can handle fanservice for the young adult characters but the early attempts of fanservice for Wendy were, just no. Good thing (if I remember correctly) later on fanservice for Wendy is cut.

Reqee Apr 16, 2022

I get the comedy but somethings piss me off

MariahCarey Mar 30, 2022