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Hello and welcome if someone got lost here. Either to discuss something with me or to throw salt at me.

My name is Alex, I am now 25 years old and have been watching anime since I was 10. Originally I was something you could also call a "weeb" in the early years of my anime scene. Back then I rated every nonsense with 10/10 stars and I didn't think that there was actually a difference between good and bad works and that it was all in the taste of the people. In the meantime I am enlightened and write critical, neutral as possible reviews. I spend the rest of the time at my campfire and try to organize my thoughts on my trip.

In any case, there is one point that has never changed for me over the years. I still think bad anime can be entertaining too. There are actually one or the other anime that is below average and can still come across as personable. Nevertheless, one should not be guided by feelings when making ratings.

My evaluation standards are as follows

1⭐Disaster. To go down that far, you have to make one mistake after another without making up for it with positive points.
2⭐Not worth seeing. A work that failed in almost every area.
3⭐Weak. Such series have almost nothing to speak of, but you can still watch them somehow.
4⭐ Below average. Titles that have a lot of wasted potential.
5⭐ Average. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
6⭐Series that can be called "above average" through their implementation.
7⭐Very interesting series that cannot be at the top, but are very well remembered.
8⭐Great anime that stand out from the crowd. They are lacking in some areas, but these works will never be forgotten.
9⭐ An unparalleled top title in every aspect. Will stand above almost all other works in the future and many will talk about them.
10⭐A title that could come closest to the "word" masterpiece. Such works are almost flawed and have shown great quality in every area.

Intermediate evaluations such as 5.5⭐ / 10 ⭐
show for me only that the work was able to stand out from the average through a few special events or scenes, but could never prove itself further.

And noted, there are no differences between the genre focus.
A comedy can be on the same level as an extremely difficult story flick. Each work has its own genre approaches and must be assessed and judged according to its own standards.



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Saerans0puppy May 26, 2022

I don't think we're really far off. We'be both came to agreenments on some aspects of the anime. Oh yeah I also disliked the amount of boob shots when Gojo measuring and making the cosplay for the younger sister. My immaturity is gonna show a bit here but I laughed when the chest thing broke and it was just an awkward guy cosplay with a female chest. The hotel scene was a bit extra, but to my enjoyment had tid-bits of comedy (I think the most notable was when Gojo was turning on the TV and there was porn. He immediately turned it off, but turned it back on turning down the volime as fast as he could.) The desk scene is forced and is one of the most unrealistic aspect to the anime. I can't defend that, but the other interactions like both being after school to help clean up made sense and you could honestly just replace that with the first scene of how they meet and there'd be no change. The masturbating thing and interactions where it implies that he does it is unnecessary and destroys the image of the character. But once again just a poor attempt at trying to be funny and relatable. 
Our own reviews have our own appeal (this is not the right word to describe it but it's what I came up with) to them. I genuinely liked the anime and writing a review right after enjoying watching most of it will give my review recency bias. I probably couldn't see the flaws in the anime as clearly cause (like reading your review made me clrealy see the flaws of the anime which I appreciate) I probably labled off the bad parts to it as "comedy". I genuinely laugh easily so this was right up my alley. My reviews just talks about everything I like and I just use the rating as a substitute of why there are flaws. Like I agree with majority of your points and can see where you're coming from. I could probably have typed them in my review as well. Just worded differently. 
In your reviews you give credit where you think credit is deserved and you criticize what you think should be critisized. It's a fair and honest review that you give and that's what people want. 

No need to apologize your responses are completely justifiable. There's really no need to actually be so mature when talking about anime. I was just trying to be an ass trying to act all mature and all. So apologies for that

Take care mate, have a great rest of your day/night. I hope you like Spy X Family as much as I do. Cause if you don't we'll be at this again LOLL (kidding, maybe not who knows)

Saerans0puppy May 26, 2022

Provocation, yes there obviously was, nonesense? Your arrogance is showing once again. My expectation wasn't to not get attack from my response. It was a collective conclusion based from your other reciews and bio. You take this seriously so I'd assume you'd have a mature character. 
The Fan Service is disgustingly excessive in one episode and one episode only which is the seccond episode where they take her measurements. Every where else it's sprinkled through out other episodes with some not having any. You can take out that episode and just say they got her measurments off screen. You're criticizing that aspect and eluding that it has "taken over HALF the series" chill bro it has not. It's like you watched up to the first two episodes and made majority of your conclusion towards it.

Demon Slayer was mid it's only redeeming quality is the art. The characters are bland and the attempts at comedy is bad. But it was still enjoyable to watch. My Hero I like the creativity of some of the powers and the fights are nice to watch, some character stand out but most are annoying. Bringing this up so you don't think that I'm just some person who'll follow the mainstream

I'll agree with you there obviously could'be been better excecution on this that could've made it better to a wider audience. You can literally say that for the majority of anime out there if not all so it's not really a strong point to make. Also the dialogue between the two main characters are lacking "depth" which I can see that you're not wrong about it I completely agree with you on that. But I don't think you can really fault the characters for that. They really haven't faced challeneges (and to be honest this kind of plot what challenges can there really be to make development? I can name few, but throwing out random bad characters to halt progress is a horrible cliche in my opinion) and neither main characters have opened up too much about each other yet. We know that there are some obstacles Gojo faces as he felt insecure about himself due to his interests being "femine". He's plauged by his past due to being called out for being "weird". I'm only saying this cause there is a chance for the dialogue between characters to be developed. There is potential and we'll just have to see how it plays out in season 2 (I'm up to date on the manga so yeah we'll see more development).  The interactions between the two are more guided towards a comedic approach. These interactions and the time they spend together are still genuine and you can feel the chemistry building between the two. That's the basic of romance and that's all you need. Despite being an anime where anything and unrealistic expactations can be made the romance is simple and calming. These are genuine events and interacctions where people in real life can feel towards. 

Gojo is not a pervert like the many male leads in other isekai and ecchi animes that you've watched. Bro did not get sexually aroused at every chance he got I don't have a clue what you're talking about. Even then Marin obviously knows this so she pokes fun at him and acts as such. 

Marin, sure I can agree with you to a certain degree.

The whole point of the supporting cast was to show obstacles cosplayers have and how they overcome them. They're supposed to be relateable. You don't even have to be a fan of cosplaying to understand their conflicts and frustrations. That's the joy of it. They're not all one dimesional characters with shallow and selfish intentions that were just thrown in to just disrupt the progression of the MCs. Yeah I hate the bath scene that was stupid as hell and unnecessary. But that's not a reason to dislike a character because a scene was thrown in to be comedic which was obviously a poor attempt. 

Personally I'm just assuming you didn't like any of the attempts at comedy in this romcom. So, I can see the different viewpoints and why we're complete opposites. I also think you just hate slice of life as a genre cause you're not a fan of the characters and call them bland.

Altogether, I agree with you on some points, but still every point you've made you really haven't gone in depth with them. Just listed your problems and that's that. Like c'mon you can muster up more 

Saerans0puppy May 26, 2022

"I can already see that you prefer to watch anime without demands and don't look for quality. I don't judge you for that.

But don't try to justify some garbage just because you can't control your personal fan feelings."

Dude you're a joke. "Don't look for quality" My personal preference will differ from yours there's no doubt of that. Saying that really seems like you can't take criticism and just throws petty insults, how mature of you. "Justify some garbage", I can tell you're just very irritated. Putting in your own bias and making laughable petty insults out of them is funny coming from a dude who takes anime reviewing serious. I thought I'd get ultimately demolished and deconstructed by you, but you're just some immature fool who's entitled by his own taste in anime. "Control my personal feelings", you talk big dude I don't find you amusing anymore. You should take your own advice. I thought you'd be open minded, but you seem like you'd be a person who'll be arrogant and not listen.

Saerans0puppy May 26, 2022

70 percent of your review was talking about Ecch aspect of an ecchie animei, ofc it's gonna be the majority of my reply on your reciew. It was just some reply because it irritates how your judgement is blinded by the fact you couldn't see past it. Very mininally talks about anything else that's not the other categories. It's painful that you could not see the characters past their body or just lable their character tropes like I've already mentioned. You can look at my review, seeing how more in depth than your surface level review. You went into this anime with a really high expactations due to hearing others rave about it ofc you're going to only glare at the "flaws" of it. If you seriously want me to be realistic and follow your rating system My Dress up Darling as of right now would be 6. I'm sure it pains your soul that people will look at your rating system and say My Dress Up Darling would be an 8. I will commend you that you will at least watch the whole anime before writing up a review compared to those who'll drop an anime then negativitly review it. 

kasasagi May 25, 2022

You're right, differentiated reviews are usually the minority by now. But I guess most people don't really take reviewing and media analysis that seriously. Plus, they probably only saw a few shows and therefore have no real basis for comparisons. But it can be kind of frustrating for someone who puts a lot of effort into a review and has thought about a piece of media more intensely. 

Haha, Keijo sure sounds bizarre. But in a way I think it probably deserves credit for simply doing something else for a change. In a way that sounds cooler than doing the same generic plotlines over and over. That's one of the things I like most about Japanese never really know what weird thing is gonna happen^^' 

You're correct, I'm more of an oldschool anime fan (I grew up in the late 90ies). But my list is also not really updated - I've seen far more than I have listed here. The reason is that my Japanese is now good enough to watch shows without subtitles and so I decided to rewatch a lot of things and I use the list to keep track of that. Also, I want to see if I still like certain shows or how my views a changed. It's a nice trip down memory lane. But for others the list must be pretty boring, because I've decided to start with shows that are easier (so also often for kids), since shows for an older audience usually feature a lot of complicated vocabulary. But I still enjoy a lot of the shows, in that regard I somewhat refuse to grow up. 

But I also like older anime more in general. I'm not saying modern anime is worse, because there were always good and bad shows, I just like the old style more. I miss the times when it was all still drawn and painted by hand. Plus, I think the topics of the shows are now different and I just really like cyberpunk or mecha shows. Mecha is kind dead right now, aside from Gundam (which I am a huge fan of). 

Mir fällt jetzt erst auf, dass du (wie ich) aus Deutschland kommst...wir können uns also auch auf Deutsch unterhalten. Sry, ich hab das irgendwie übersehen...