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Mahoutsukai no Yome

This anime completely surprised me and left me completely stunned.

But not in a positive sense, no. This is a typical example of "The studio takes care of everything" - if this adaptation had less glitter, beautiful surroundings, and music, it would not be entertaining in any way.

And after the first 3-4 episodes I thought "Ohh, this could be an impressive title with 8/10" for a long time. Instead of maintaining the rather individual quality of the first 3 episodes, this anime drifted off completely. Until the end, I tried desperately to pick up everything positive about him, which I failed because there was nothing.

As you can see, the focus of this series is on "Characters, Relationships, Magic and Mysteries" - and none of these have even remotely been implemented except for the visual representation of magic.

[Characters 3] - Elias seemed to me at the beginning like a very interesting approach to make a controversially inhuman character human. This approach was touched on a couple of times and then left behind. Elias didn't develop from start to finish, but he of all people had the greatest potential among the characters. A being that is neither natural spirit nor human.
Chise, the female protagonist who I found somehow interesting until the cemetery episode, also crashed completely. In each episode, she either becomes sick, kidnapped, or falls asleep. Your quote is even more impressive than the kidnapping of Eren Yeager and only for 24 episodes. It barely developed until the end, only that it became more open to life. If you had given her more personality, you could have saved this character. However, she behaves the same way in every episode and the sequence of events is practically similar.
The antagonist - Even if his implementation was mediocre, at least I liked the contrast between him and the protagonist, also his background. Even if I would have liked more detail on it. Why did his story develop this way? Wasn't explained well enough in the end. Still the best character here.
Most of the supporting characters have almost impressed me, how irrelevant you can actually be. Silky doesn't talk (I still like her, maybe because she didn't talk) Simon is barely there, Lindel does his own stuff and the rest is there as soon as an important moment in the plot happens and then they're gone again. I can understand that they weren't given that much attention because the focus was on the 2 main protagonists, but their implementation was pathetic. And apart from that, some supporting characters like (Bloodsucking Fairy and the Witch) almost got more attention even though they had practically no use for the main story and only had 2 minutes of screen time. This is also one of the reasons why her "Dramatic Scenes" had practically no weight.

And yes, my favorite in the anime. Clearly the "relationships and dialogues" are what shocked me the most. Not only were almost all the clichés chopped off, no, but the characters also couldn't communicate with each other from episodes 1-24 either and preferred to say their names and stare at each other. Any attempt to start a conversation was destroyed by them because they were interrupted or they were too shy. I've seen mediocre romances that work impressively well on their own. The characters here simply had no structure, no relationships, nothing at all. It just happened incidentally and because you had to keep getting Chise out of the river. To be honest, I have the feeling that Chise had almost developed Stockholm Syndrome. I couldn't explain it to myself any other way.

[Story 4] What is there to say, most of it can be found in the description. Otherwise only their everyday life is shown. Chise is kidnapped or falls into the water (which was even used as a question by Lindel). Chise gets new spells now and then (without structure or explanation, just happens) and you see the antagonist 3 times in the anime until the finale comes and the end. And if they haven't died, then they still live happily.
That part of the story wouldn't have been too bad as long as the characters are good or their relationships are good. But no, not even that was rewarded.

[Animations 6] Mainly there are the points for the very, very beautiful representation of the surroundings and the individuality. Halfway through the animations crashed more and more, but the first 14 episodes were very nice to look at.

[Music 5] This anime has by far one of the most interesting and best intros. The second intro was very average and visually only cut together from the anime scenes.

The problem was mostly with the East. They were badly used and some reminded me of horror movie parodies. Characters sit at the table, talk, and the questionable, threatening, and also bizarre soundtrack, which doesn't even go with it, is even louder than Elia's voice. There were also a few highlights like Chise's Phoenix Transformation. But only a few.


The anime tried a lot and couldn't make up its mind on anything by the end, resulting in not even one approach being completed. No characters, relationships, storyline, and just mediocre build-up of magic. And the beginning was so promising, really disappointing, it almost breaks my heart.

[Enjoyment 4 ]

4.5/10 story
6/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
3.5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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