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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

I actually had to copy the name because 50% of the time I always add an "n" to it somewhere too much. And that part was definitely the hardest part of the review. I am shortening it as TTGL to make it easier for me.

What is this series now? She has a very lively and self-sacrificing community that would definitely drill a hole in any neighborhood garden just because she believes in it. After looking at this work, I can even understand this. Despite the bad story and mostly uninteresting and boring characters, this anime has one thing and that is "charm".

In the end, you very often come back to the fact that an anime often just don't have everything. Either story, characters, or sympathy is always neglected. It is the same again here.

The plot is as follows. Humanity lives underground and digs tunnels to expand their habitat. Living in fear of the constant terrifying earthquakes. After the protagonist finds the robot according to the plot and switches it on, the first introduction battle begins. After that, the series up to episodes 13-14 follows an enormously monotonous sequence from one fight to the other with very little tension. The characters are only half-finished and meaningless up to episode 14. The humor in the anime is pure mediocrity and mostly not even worth mentioning.
The really interesting thing doesn't happen until the second half of this anime. There the plot is actually "a bit" more serious, the characters and relationships are more cultivated and the viewer is offered a little something. Until the last moment, however, there is hardly anything, the actual plot is only minimally present. Almost everyone will know this "Power Ranger" plot.

What has definitely succeeded in the work are the animations and the representation of the fights. Some moments can actually be classified as "epic". As a mecha shounen, he did a tremendously good job at this.

Unfortunately, as I said, he failed with the characters. Apart from "Kamina's" legendary quote, which I also liked, there is nothing. One dull character follows the next. In between a few gag characters and some waifu with 0 personalities. And that's dragging on, I'd rather have seen non-stop fights than the interactions between the characters. I understand, Simon needed his character build and it was actually subtle. However, he was unbearable until halfway through the series.

The antagonists were nothing to speak of. The Main Antagonist was at least interesting in his approach and had his own moral concept. The final fight was also impressive.
I have to say, by the way, I find it almost amusing how quickly the power level increased in the end. It jumped from one animal to the next in a matter of minutes. Almost reminded me of Dragon Ball.

Musically and animation supported these fights very well. TTGL has by far some of the best mecha fights I've seen so far that had a very balanced dynamic.

TTGL is a must-see anime to expand your own experience. Whoever liked "Kill la Kill" will like it too. And if not, don't expect a story or characters here. It is a pure mecha shounen that placed the greatest emphasis on fighting and dynamics.

4/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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