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A Centaur's Life

Feb 13, 2022

Centaur no Nayami

If you are someone who hopes for at least "average" quality to entertain yourself, regardless of genre. Then let me save you 3 hours of your life and spare you this anime.

[Story 3]

Somewhere on this planet, a third-rate writer had a third-rate idea. "What if humans adopted a different form of evolution, with different animals as the starting form? Fish people? Bird people and even centaurs? And these would live in a slightly sociocritical situation, just like us. The basic idea would be interesting, wouldn't it?"

No matter how I look at it, the concept would have been suitable in itself. Likewise, the intro also relatively aroused my curiosity. But what did the viewer get?
A not even average comedy, with some of the most boring slice of life episodes you can imagine. On top of that, the author probably didn't even have an idea of what he wanted to make of it. So we had plenty of fan service, plenty of sexual references, a vagina comparison between the girls (yes, word literally) and a collection of the worst conversations imaginable.

I've seen a lot of slice of life anime, and I can understand why it's hard to be convincing in this genre. However, anyone who produces such uncreative grit where they have no idea what they are trying to do and instead explain to the viewer basics of humans or the different types and names of grass, this is the end. Not to mention episode 12, which also had word-for-word admission that it had no point. Ironically, episode 12 was the best in this anime.

[Characters 3]

We have the relatively typical shy centaur protagonist, with no real character traits. But she was worried about her vagina, so at least she has more personality than the others.
Then we have the bat girl and some other girl whose name I didn't even remember because they didn't really have screentime or character.
The snake girl was of course the best in terms of personality, but could hardly make up for the already non-existent quality.

The majority of the characters' scenes were kept within the concept of their everyday lives. How they dress, shower their little everyday problems and sexual topics. I'm a bit irritated why the 3 cat drillings had such an ambiguous mindset. From whom, the sister or the father? They only go to kindergarten.

[Animation 3]

Until episode 4 it was still relatively average, but from then on I can't say anything other than - "I probably have a higher budget than this studio"- seriously, neither the dishes, nor the proportions in the eyes they managed as soon as there were 2 or more characters in a scene.

The intro and outro probably ate 90% of the budget.

[Music 4] The intro was average, although the beginning sounded relatively individual. The outro was interesting, but immensely contextless. It gave the impression that there was more to the anime than there actually was.

And the ost... for God's sake who signed off on that? They threw the osts in anywhere they wanted, the main thing being that the music could compensate for something. And then the osts were usually louder and more annoying than the scenes themselves. Imagine 2 characters talking and in the background someone banging pots and playing a trumpet.


The basic idea was interesting and I really tried to get into it and find something positive about the series somewhere. But this was simply impossible, even for the hardcore average, the series was worlds away from that.

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3/10 story
3.5/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
2/10 overall
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