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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

I remember watching this anime back in 2012 and it removed the skin from my back. There are a few series that can be entertaining but cringe at the same time, this one could do both. And the second time I watched it, the pain was no less.

Even if the portrayal in the series is a bit exaggerated, surely most people knew the concept that the series wanted to deliver. Thinking back to those awkward childhood days when you thought you could become a superhero or develop superpowers and not build a wall between fantasy and reality as a child until you got old enough.

And this is what makes especially the first season so impressive since that theme is relatively rare. Towards the end of the first season, everything becomes a monotonous and average drama, but most of it keeps its head above water with awkward and imaginative moments.

[Story 4]

The story is just about the everyday life of the characters and how the protagonist tries to avoid his embarrassing past as the " Dark Flame Master ". And is constantly confronted with it, as he has created a bigger and more embarrassing monster than himself. There is no real story behind it, only how he tries to bring her piece by piece more of reality without destroying her fantasy world.

[Characters 4] Average hits the mark in the sense of the word. Only their wacky personalities and the combination with a lot of character humor make the characters still convincing.

The protagonist is practically an embarrassing mini version of someone who has seen too much JoJo and apart from that has nothing to contribute. Otherwise, we have the loopy Rikka, the sleepyhead, the cool big sister, and Cringe-Jesus who wrote the Cringe Bible. That's exactly how and no other way I can describe the characters because there was almost nothing else.

Otherwise, everything here is limited to the topic of "embarrassing". Each character has 2 sides, one extremely embarrassing (whether present or past) and one that thinks the other side is embarrassing. That's all, relatively monotonous. But as I said, for humorous and bizarre moments, this works quite decently. Only, one can forget to find something like "character depth" here.

[ Animations 7]

The animations here are not immensely detailed as far as the background is concerned, but very colorful and surprisingly fluid, and dynamically animated. The representation of the characters' imaginations and superpowers, as well as their facial expressions, have been animated very well.

[Music 5]

No matter how visually attractive the intro is, it's musically badass. You can find something like this everywhere and it has zero recognition value. Even after 2 weeks, I've forgotten the intro. The osts in the anime are subtle and fit the respective scenes. There is nothing more to say here, the animations were far more dominant.

[Score 5]

For me, the anime was both times a relatively interesting Erlebnisniss, because it partly also reminds me of my childhood fragmentary. I also liked the humor and the atmosphere. But as a slice of life comedy, it's mostly just average. There are just enough moments and points to praise this series more for having been shallow. Only single minor strong points have made it excellent.

[Enjoyment 7]

4/10 story
7.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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