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One-Punch Man 2

Jan 6, 2022

One Punch Man - Season 2

Many have certainly heard that the second season could not live up to the reputation of the first and lost to the accumulating criticism. And in most cases it was due to the "animation" which was somewhat true, the animation was mostly mediocre and had a total of only 3 moments of brilliance in the whole season.
But the reason why this season was so disappointing was not just because of the animation but because of the flawed adaptation.

It happened more often during the season that small changes from the manga were inserted. It was especially noticeable in the Tournament Arc. Due to these changes from the manga, some opponents lost immensely in structure and the fights in atmosphere, although there was little anyway.

Had Madhouse continued to adopt this season, of course, a much better result than the first season would have been possible. But that is now past, at least the result was only mediocre and not catastrophic.

[Story 4]

With the second season comes slowly more drive in the story, with the vorgstellung one of the most important characters of the plot "Garou" which especially in the coming season, all the more important. And you can see here already more of his path of strength and the place where he wants to arrive.

Unfortunately, this season lacked immensely in charisma and hype of the opponents, due to the changes and weak implementation of the studio. Likewise, the slow pacing of the scenes, ensured that you could hardly perceive the atmoshphere.

[Characters 5]

Furthermore, the characters are mostly the same, just with more screentime, and some other personalities have become more familiar. Among others, the God of Gods, aka King.

The new additions are so far without further screentime and only felt the roles in their scenes. The focus of the season was exclusively on the relationship between Bang and Garou.

[Animations 5]

The animations were mostly average with a few minimal glossy moments. And 3 particularly good moments in the fight between Garou and Tank Top Master, as well as the final fight against Elder Centipede and the frontal fight against Garou. The animations of the intro are particularly negative as soon as you dare to pause even once.

[Music 6] The Osts this season were unfortunately less impressive than the first. Likewise, the outro and intro were only slightly above average. It still fits the style of the series, even if the quality is falling.


This season should have and should be better than the first. And to be honest, the studio still did a decent job. Unfortunately, Madhouse provided such a massive template that this season could only be upgraded to the same level by one of the top studios. The animations and dynamics were less important to me here. Since this season was mostly about the "hype" of the characters, which was unfortunately hindered by the poor implementation and slow pacing.

[Enjoyment 7]

4/10 story
5.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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