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One-Punch Man

Jan 6, 2022

One-Punch Man

Based on a webcomic series by the author "One", this story was drawn by the artist Murata in a new and fascinating style. And with the combined work of Madhouse, nothing stood in the way of this season's success.

The story of One Punch Man is simple, at least at the beginning. The concept revolves simply around a man who wanted to become strong and, after relentless training, lost his limit and his hair. He was no longer able to enjoy his fights because simply no one could take a single punch from him.

Is that all? No definitely not. One-Punch Man is a parody series that uses light satire to recreate many familiar shounen clichés. The running gag that the protagonist can defeat almost any opponent with one punch is rather incidental here. The focus is strongly on the humorous undertone of the series and the focus on the supporting characters.
Through this very gentle and creative combination of character-based humor and not too exaggerated parody, a very successful atmosphere was created.

[Story 3]

The first season practically symbolizes the prologue of the story before the actual plot gets going and consists of several small short arcs (on average 2-3 episodes).
Here, as a rule, most of the characters are introduced and confronted with various monsters, which resulted in quite epic battles.

Particularly important here is the detailed and dynamic presentation of the respective arcs and the atmosphere that surrounds these simple battles. You can practically grasp the dynamics in the air.

As mentioned, One Punch Man also has an actual storyline that is already hinted at in some of the first and last episodes and is more present in the background in the manga. However, it will remain relatively incidental before the third season.

[Characters 5]

Even if the characters seem quite simple and monotonous at the beginning. The secondary characters have far more screentime than the actual protagonist. You see all their bizarre and wacky traits and their interesting introductions to the plot. Since the first season is only a prologue, you only learn limited things about the characters here, but only individual motivations and slight hints at backgrounds like from (Genos, Amai Mask, Bang +)

Although you already know some of the character types, their traits have additionally been made more charismatic, so none seem off-putting or overly monotone.

Especially the protagonist, who is an interesting walking contradiction. Although he seems relatively adult and indifferent most of the time, he is still an immensely sore loser and can be provoked very quickly. He's mediocre relatively in everything, which can't be solved with physical strength. If it were up to the author's ironically established rules, he would rather tear a planet in half than catch a mosquito.
Likewise, his fascinatingly self-sacrificing way of throwing away his status just to give others an edge is a testament to his interesting and hard-to-interpret personality.

[Music 10]

Probably one of the best visual and musical intros you can find anywhere, which practically marketed the anime in the best possible way. Anyone who hears this opening and doesn't think of One Punch Man has probably never heard of it. In addition, with a very pleasant ending that gives an amusing shounen typical atmosphere.
Accompanied are most scenes, by some of the best soundtracks in the anime scenery.

[Animations 10]

Madhouse has once again shown their best side here. Dynamics and detail are writ large here. Not only have they managed to represent top-notch choreography, but also fascinatingly detailed environments and dynamic fight animations as well as destruction.

All of Genos' fights alone were pure art forms with a constantly changing fighting style of the cyborg.


A perfectly balanced parody comedy that could convince with clever humor and appealing characters. In terms of content, this season took the weakest part from the manga but received the biggest budget for it. Had the other arcs been adapted to the same quality, this series would have made immense waves. But even for the content of the first season, Madhouse managed to get the best possible out of the manga.

[Enjoyment 10]

3.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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