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Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen
Gintama: Silver Soul Arc

I already had huge doubts about the Rakuyou arc, but here they outdid themselves. Everything negative that Gintama could have ever done was present in just one season.

The plot comes to a head, the final season of Gintama was split into two halves. After these two, only the final movie comes and that's it, the story finds its end.

And yet, this season felt like half an eternity to me. 50% of the time the characters are just running and throwing meaningless dialogues around. The rest of the time extremely drawn-out fights with deadly slow pacing.
- This similar problem exists in One Piece, but here the slow pacing has practically surpassed Teo Animation.
In addition, the fights were monotonous, boring, and frankly not even meaningful, yet they took up the entire season.

[Story 3]

After Utsuro finally revealed his plan and plunged Earth (or Japan, since the rest of the world doesn't exist in Gintama) into a state of chaos. Began an endless string of battles, against cannon fodder opponents that were just a waste of time.

[Characters 4]

Here you can see once again what the characters are once you remove most of their traits. Gintoki becomes an overdramatized philosopher. Kagura just looks angry and Shinpachi screams (well that he almost always did). And this is all you see of them.
Yes, there is a war going on. But the characters practically dissolve like sherbet as soon as the plot seems serious. Then they become immensely one-dimensional and flat.

Only Hasegawa and the new Shogun were convincing this season. Through their personality and development.

[Music 5]

The intro is mostly average, the music can't convince like most of the other Gintama intros.

The outro was about on the same level.

The Osts have been enjoyable as always, but couldn't make up for the plummeting quality of this season. Also, most of the iconic posts were missing.

[Animation 4]

The animations have been quite barely average. The intro had been better animated than this season.

Add to that the deadly slow pacing and non-existent dynamics, the fights felt like they were empty.


It was necessary to watch this season, but it broke my heart. I already suspected this, but I had hoped that the anime would still maintain its quality. I still kind of liked this season, it's still Gintama after all.

But as for the quality, no just no.

[Enjoyment 6]

3/10 story
4/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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