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Hello and welcome if someone got lost here. Either to discuss something with me or to throw salt at me.

Myy name is Alex and I am now older than I would like to admit, but I still watch anime regularly and read manga from time to time. I have been doing this for 16 years with its ups and downs.
I used to be kind of a "weeb" who thought there were hardly any bad anime and they were all good in their way, so I just threw around 10/10* ratings.
This has changed more often over the years, so I always thought I had discovered a better form of ratings. Now I am trying to write my reviews as neutral as possible and give points accordingly, I have my point system which I follow.

Now the question, why do I do that?

Of course, everyone can like the anime he wants to like, this is up to everyone. I also like some anime that I have rated very low, because they are bad and unimaginative, but have met my taste. So remember, a bad anime doesn't have to be cursed, it can be entertaining too.

The problem though is that most of the community either throws around positive ratings and always thinks every other anime is a masterpiece. And the other half rates everything as low as possible because they disliked the hype.
I don't want to make myself special or claim "I'm the only one who's objective", I'm not. I'm just trying to be as neutral as I can be so I can be fair to anime and manga that deserves it and critical of those that need improvement.

What is my goal?

There is none, I like writing reviews so I can do two things at once. Also, many people have written to me over the years for discussions, which has been interesting. Usually, these ended well and you either convinced others or gained new views. Ultimately, one of my reviews will reach people and they will either understand my take on it or not.

Note, I can also get salty so don't be surprised if I throw feces back at you.


1⭐Disaster. To go down that far, you have to make one mistake after another without making up for it with positive points.
2⭐Not worth seeing. A work that failed in almost every area.
3⭐Weak. Such series have almost nothing to speak of, but you can still watch them somehow.
4⭐ Below average. Titles that have a lot of wasted potential.
5⭐ Average. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
6⭐Series that can be called "above average" through their implementation.
7⭐Very interesting series that cannot be at the top, but are very well remembered.
8⭐Great anime that stand out from the crowd. They are lacking in some areas, but these works will never be forgotten.
9⭐ An unparalleled top title in every aspect. Will stand above almost all other works in the future and many will talk about them.
10⭐A title that could come closest to the "word" masterpiece. Such works are almost flawed and have shown great quality in every area.

Intermediate evaluations such as 5.5⭐ / 10 ⭐
show for me only that the work was able to stand out from the average through a few special events or scenes, but could never prove itself further.

And noted, there are no differences between the genre focus.
A comedy can be on the same level as an extremely difficult story flick. Each work has its own genre approaches and must be assessed and judged according to its own standards.



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SoraSky1995 Nov 27, 2022

says the butthurt troll

SoraSky1995 Nov 2, 2022

why becauae you are butthurt?

Shiramine Oct 30, 2022

I wrote a comment at your profile but then I found it sounds weird so I deleted it haha

It was propably about guilty crown characters.

SoraSky1995 Oct 20, 2022

wow you lie about burn the witch and shiro from no game no life? can your tastes be even be more trash?

Clypsedra Oct 5, 2022

Yeah It's not like we're willing to harm them, even If sometimes I'm dying to makes a loli's face dart board.

Even you're explaining them slowly, they won't understand the deep meaning of being a descendant of Adam.

Praise the sun haha, I remember pinning this quote as soon as It came out. Recently finished Elden Ring, milord Radahn, I will never forget you.