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No Love Zone

Sep 1, 2021

NO SPOILER - The first chapter didn't look promising, it was like any other yaoi manga. I wasn't really surprised by the second chapter either. It wasn't something I hadn't read or seen before. The main character is naive, stupid and, I'm not afraid to say, a little incompetent. Eun-Gyeom is blinded by love and his own wild fantasy, so he fails to see reality. He gets swept up and has no confidence. Jihyuk Han is an unpredictable storm of emotions that strikes whenever it wants. Also, he is very moody, stubborn and impertinent, so you could say with a little hyperbole that he and Eun-Gyeom are a good match. However, the way they got together is a bit bizarre.

I honestly think Eun-Gyeom should focus on himself first and find self-love, because he clearly doesn't have any. And that's possible for him only when he's not in a relationship.

If you want "BL office romance" I think it's better to read "ANTI P.T."or "My Purrfect Boss." Because this manga is a waste of time. I'd like to give the story a better review, but I can't think of anything positive besides the way it's drawn.

3/10 story
9/10 art
2/10 characters
4/10 overall

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