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                                                                 Anime is my life,follow your anime dreams!

hi.I am a huge fan of anime especially Detective Conan .i do have hobbies in art,karuta cards,anything dedicated to Japanese and of course i do know to speak Japanese.i can give you recommendation,suggestion about anime.I will gladly answer your questions aboutanime/Japanese.

how i rate my anime:

0=i have met an random story ever!

1=not even close from what i even exepected.

2=a bit close but still far away.

3=well,not bad ,normal.

4=oh my gawd its so great and fantastic and blah blah but somethings are little off ,just a little as this dot.

5=(illuminanti conformed!FBI open up!!)This is the LEGEND anime i have ever found that i could even watch it infinity times.

By the way my favorate male characters that i adore the most are BECAUSE THEY SMART also my rate about them is given:

Related imageImage result for kaito kid gifRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

my favorite female characters are because they strong and brave:

Image result for haibra gifImage result for shirayuki gifImage result for nike anime gifImage result for ran mouri gifRelated image

my artworks:

You can find more artworks of mine at creatubbles!there you can post any artwork and get likes.

                                                                     SOME RANDOM STUFF ABOUT ME:      (PLZ DONT JUDGE :)                                                                                                                                                  Related image

                                                  FOODS I LIKE :Mushroom,lychees,grape,noodles,rice,potato chips,cheese,cake,bengali sweets and pancakes.

                                                WEIRD HOBBIES:staring at fire,expert in winning pokemon cards,does karate kicks out of nowhere.

                                                 MY FAVORITE COLOURS:bloody red to crimson red.

                                                  LANGUAGES I SPEAK: english,japanese,urdu,sindi,bengali,hindi.

                                                 Also i am a gamer,Some games that i play are given below:

                                                                    1)Midnights blessing(rpg)

                                                                    2)Stargazer               (rpg)

                                                                    3)moonlight child       (rpg)

                                                                    4)Dark tales egar allan poes:the mystery of marie roget

                                                                         Dark tales egar allan poes:morella

                                                                         Dark tales egar allan poes:the house of usher,etc

                                                                   5)Plant vs Zombies

                                                                  i hope we can become friends.thank you!feel free to sugest any rpg/pc games


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KawaiiSB01 Mar 8, 2020

You ..

Yes you !

how come you're not active on ap .. =.= 

 u game addicted kid .. tbh 

sigh, what am i suppose to say now (not even a single comment from u .. ) and i call u bestie .. sigh sigh 

Zerosis Aug 9, 2019

I read your profile and have come to the conclusion that you should read 

<h1>Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat </h1>
HKBattosai Aug 9, 2019

You have these listed on your profile:

"WEIRD HOBBIES:staring at fire,expert in winning pokemon cards,does karate kicks out of nowhere.
MY FAVORITE COLOURS:bloody red to crimson red.
LANGUAGES I SPEAK: english,japanese,urdu,sindi,bengali,hindi."

Awesome, especially the number of languages you speak. That is amazing and admirable!


Afreena Aug 1, 2019

thank you for your kind help