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                                                                 Anime is my life,follow your anime dreams!

hi.I am a huge fan of anime especially Detective Conan .i do have hobbies in art,karuta cards,anything dedicated to Japanese and of course i do know to speak Japanese.i can give you recommendation,suggestion about anime.I will gladly answer your questions aboutanime/Japanese.

how i rate my anime:

0=i have met an random story ever!

1=not even close from what i even exepected.

2=a bit close but still far away.

3=well,not bad ,normal.

4=oh my gawd its so great and fantastic and blah blah but somethings are little off ,just a little as this dot.*THAT IS ACTUALLY NOT ENOUGH ROMANCE!*

5=(illuminanti conformed!FBI open up!!)This is the LEGEND anime i have ever found that i could even watch it infinity times.

By the way my favorate male characters that i adore the most are BECAUSE THEY SMART also my rate about them is given:

Kudo Shinichi (infinity%)            Kaito Kuroba(88%)                    Edogawa Conan(96%)                                         Inuyasha(80%)

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and my favorite female characters are because they strong and brave:

Ai Haibara (78%)                          Ran Mouri (96%)                   Shirayuki(91.9%)              Nike( 98%)           Kagome (64%)            Darkness(64%)

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my artworks:

You can find more artworks of mine at creatubbles!there you can post any artwork and get likes.I plan to watch 1000 anime at least in my entire life as a mission.Please feel welcome in my profile.I hope you like this introdution and can be friends with me.Thank you.

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193 total

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footmaster May 17, 2019

Of course! ^_^

I also followed you upon discovering that you followed me about an hour ago. 

footmaster May 16, 2019

No problem. :)

footmaster May 16, 2019

Thank you! :)

There was no specific restriction stated in this site about using videos from YouTube.

If there was, then they should've not included this feature in the first place.

Regarding with your profile, I suggest that you put the GIF right below the "anime is my life,follow your anime dreams" text.

Then probably align the texts underneath it to the center.

Regarding with the character images, would be nice if you can get images of equal sizes to make it look uniform.

Anyway, nice drawings! ^_^

Grizz May 11, 2019

Go to, Make a signature and copy the BB Code. 

Next go to and paste in the BB Code, then click Save Changes.

lolitaorcalover1456 Apr 14, 2019

hi want to be friends