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Actual Poison

Series that make me incredibly frustrated, they're usually the cringe variety, and while I try and can rate most appropriately I sometimes can't tolerate this pile of shit.

Amazon-Only Anime

Anime you can only find on Amazon, I'm going to add anime you could technically watch on HIDIVE (because of Sentai which has the licenses, they get to share some series). Note that I'm not adding shows which could be considered...

Anime That Have Better Artwork on Their Posters/Promos

Obviously show covers are going to have a better-drawn iteration of its characters, you know, so the Blu-Rays and DVDs sell, and so that people watch them. Some of them look too good for their own good (some [me] might say it's...

Cool-looking Shows That Could Improve

Shows that have amazing animation, style, detail, etc. But for whatever reason don't realize their full potential and as such it hurts me to have to not rate them as highly as I would if they became better. Lately, there hasn't...

Crunchyroll Motion Manga

This list is to compile motion manga available on Crunchyroll (only on mobile devices from what I've seen). If I'm missing something or made a mistake don't forget to comment!

Guilty Pleasure Anime

Guilty pleasure is defined as something that someone enjoys despite feeling it's not generally held in high regard, otherwise known as trash taste in anime nowadays. I know for a fact that some of the series I'll list here aren't...

MAL's Recommendation of the Month (anime) Comments by ReSeinen [Cancelled]

A place to archive these mini-recommendation corners, not to be confused with the ones I let on the 'Tags'. No longer happening sadly.

Manga that remind me of Western Movies/TV Shows

Is as simple as that, just some manga that feels like Western properties, not saying if they're better than the other and vice versa. Just a fun list, ya know? The words in italics are the movies/franchises I haven't seen/haven't...

ReSeinen's Favorite Anime

Some of them go on to more seasons and I count them as such, nevertheless, there are exceptions for either bad sequels or great seasons (as well as OVAs and Specials) that surpass the original. Honorable Mentions are kind of...

Shows I like that aren't eights!

An eight is the benchmark to get my full recommendation, it isn't a bullet-proof model because I'm always overthinking scores. There are some exceptions to this rule, and that's what I'm going to talk about here.