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Towanoquon: Eternal Quon. or in my eyes Towanoquon: YAY IT'S OVER!

Story - 3/10

Everything has come down to this, Quon must save his brother and Tei from inside the lair of CUSTOS. Things then work their way out how we expect them to in this series, conveniently. The bad guy conveniently decides to toy with Quon instead of killing, Quon conveniently gains all the powers of his brother to beat him, and everyone conveniently forgets everything and lives happily ever after.

Really for a series that stole most of it's plot, from the "safe space for people who were misunderstood by the humans;” to the evil villain trying to unionize all the, lets call them mutants, for his own, lets say Brood; they didn't use that extra time to put any original thought into a climax that could change how people thought about the films.

Animation - 7/10

There wasn't much action, or new scenery, but overall it got back to just really nice art we saw in some of the other episodes.

Sound - 3/10

In this department the series was never spectacular, but they decided to up their ear splitting game by having a useless montage ballad and having all the annoying children in one episode.

Characters - 2/10

When given the chance to introduce two new characters, Quan's brother Towa, and a longtime friend of Quon, they do it so late in the series that almost nothing can be revealed about them.

In this last film all the characters pretty much fell apart into bumbling idiots who forgot how to use their powers and instead just whine incessantly.

Overall - 3/10

After the first few movies I pretty much gave up on any hopes I had for the rest of the series and my intuition didn't let me down. They started out great and then phoned it in, with a terribly convenient ending. The series worked as good filler for me, as I could watch a movie here or there between other things, but it's nothing I would ever rewatch, as It has no complexity or originality, and completely lacks a compelling storyline or likable characters, hell in the end I was rooting for the "bad guy.”

3/10 story
7/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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