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Yurumates 3D

May 15, 2013

It has been so long since I got to watch a genuinely cute anime like this one (if you don’t count Chibi Devi). I very much enjoyed Yurumates 3D. Now on to the review.

Story- Yuru 3D (as I will henceforth call it) has no story it is purely episodic or I should say seasonal as most of the episodes revolve around how the characters respond to the seasons they are in (how to beat the heat in summer etc.). This would get boring pretty quickly if each episode weren't so short luckily they are so it is all good. While I am on the story I have to bring up this shows only major flaw in my opinion, it just ends that’s it no farewell episode in fact the last episode sets up the story for another episode that does not happen. Normally I would not spoil it but this is an episodic anime so you can enjoy the rest of them without any worry but just for formalities sake 

                                                             SPOILER ALERT

In the last episode we see that one of the main characters little sister is coming for a visit and she wants to impress her sister so they clean up her room and while she is out shopping for new close to impress her the sister comes and the episode ends with the little sister waiting for the big sister to come home that’s it the end. This was a very annoying way to end the series because it feels like there should be more but if you can overlook that the story is fine in its nonexistence.

Animation- As I have almost always said I am not an animator so all I can say is it was adorable and cute and I like it for that. That is all

Sound- It fit really well with the show I don’t think it's dubbed so nothing on that, the opening is enjoyable enough to not warrant skipping but forgettable.

Characters- Yuru 3D is a character driven anime and since there are only 4 character I can go in depth with each of them.

Aida Yurume- The shows protagonist she is an energetic character that often plays the straight man in the shows gags but often is the cause of the gag. Although she is an energetic character she is not the archetypal energetic girl she can be seen just lazing about. She displays air head like traits but at other times can seem cynical.

Kawano Sae- She starts off as the archetypal drunk neighbor but as the series goes on you see more of a humors/mature side to her she is kind of like a really laid back babysitter.

Tanaka Kumi- She is probably the most predictable of the bunch which is kind of ironic, she is made out to be a sort of instigator and manipulator type character but most of her antics are predictable a fairly obvious its only because the other characters play along that she ever gets her way in any situation.

Matsukichi- I saw him as kind of a parody character in most slice of life/Moe anime with a mainly female cast the males seem to be little more than props and he is definitely portrayed as such but is in fact a main character even getting his own episode and often being a central part of the gag for many of the episodes so it was a pleasant surprise to see him portrayed as such (I could not find his last name).

Overall- the characters were very realistic it is hard to sum up their personalities I tried to above but if you watch the show you will definitely see more to all of them than what I said which is largely why I enjoyed this anime the characters were as unpredictable as real people and that added to the jokes when you could not really guess how they would react in these situations. Except for Kumi who was rather easy to figure out but not in a bad way she certainly did not ruin this anime but she did take away from the unpredictability. Just as a note when I say unpredictable I don’t mean random their actions are strange sometimes but not unrealistic.

Overall- Yuru 3D is a short enjoyable anime as long as you can overlook that ending or better yet just don't watch the last episode the one before it was a better place to end it but as I said without a farewell episode it still will feel cut short just not as much.    

?/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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