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aryancoconut Oct 10, 2020

Ohh of course!! I'm so sorry. I always try to follow back. I didn't notice I hadn't followed ya, but I am now. :D

I hope you're well.

Mentallysighing Oct 9, 2020

Hello I’m alright, thanks for asking. How about yourself?

Ciradyl Oct 8, 2020

You are not wrong. I am a curious person who likes expanding their episode count. Occasionally, I will discover an anime and say to myself, "This is absurd; I must see it." I am open to nearly anything, I would say. Are you cautious and choosy regarding what you watch, or do you like to view things for the sake of viewing them, whether you expect to like them or not?

aryancoconut Oct 8, 2020

Ohh thank you so much!! Sorry for the slow reply, I've been on holiday :D Steins;Gate will be one of my favourites, always.