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xKayliex Oct 15, 2020

Guilty Crown has a complex story. Highschool of the Dead had potential, but I believe the fanservice ruined it from being an actual scary zombie series.

xKayliex Oct 13, 2020

I am around, hello.

tvda1205 Oct 11, 2020

De boa
E você? beleza?

Sekirolivesonce Oct 10, 2020

Screw Ruka. 

I don't feel bad for someone who came uninvited with the intention of exposing the person she "loves" and making his grandma hate him? After she manipulated that guy onto a bed and then tried to seduce him without telling him where they were going? After stopping him from consulting his friend and demanding that he date her?

Ruka is the worst girl of all seasons. Its fucking amazing how a cute design for a character will make everyone ignore what the character actually does lol.

Say what you will about how cute Ruka is or whatever, doesn't change the fact that she's like a stalker who won't take no for an answer. Kazuya has made it clear that he has no interest in dating her, yet she keeps on pestering him and forcing him to date her. No one is entitled to a relationship for the person they like. No one is obligated to give their time to someone they don't like. If the roles were reversed, like when Kazuya was stalking Chizuru and that tall good looking guy, then you'd would be outraged.

You blamed Kazuya for acting like a stalker yet won't keep that same energy towards Ruka (who is arguably worse since what Kazuya did was a one time thing, but this Ruka tries to force him to hug her, presses herself on his body without consent, follows him even when he told her not to, etc.)

You need to stop blaming a depressed and verbally abused guy for literally everything. Yes, he made wrong choices but the dude is battling himself and trying to grow and change. Give him some time, people don't grow overnight. Screw Ruka, though. I can't respect someone who can't be considerate of their crush's wishes.

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