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An Anime fan from the last decade. Introduced in the time of Google Videos (that's not YouTube) whilst watching FMA (sub) and Naruto (Dub).
Still trying to find that next gem out there. Vinland Saga, Hakumei to Mikochi, Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo, etc.

I have outgrown many phases. My edgy phase (guro and dark Anime), my action phase, and now I am in the sit-back phase where I can admit I have shit taste and just want to lose myself in a world other than my own (or slice of life if I feel like it). I am my own person.

Official Season Watcher. Early shifts, but first some episodes and breakfast.
Need to update my freaking Light Novels, Manga and Visual Novels though.

Gym freak, game freak, mythology freak.
Officially non-officially demanding more father-addoptive child series because I love to indulge myself in the wholesome.
Fair warning, I am an almost-never serious person. I like my freedom and will do so. (Also also keep your politics off my wall please)

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To end this section, here's a poem:

Rem is best girl
I'll sing it out loud in song
And if you disagree
You are wrong

Thanks for coming to my TED-talk.

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worknboy Sep 20, 2022

Seems we have something in common with anime. Do you have a link to your TED-talk? ;)

DaDolphin Jul 17, 2021

there is a lot of CGI in the anime but i personally think that the CGI fits in

Hedgey Oct 14, 2020

Yeah, true.

AustinDR Sep 21, 2019

On Satoshi? YEs. 

theresdebaucheryx Aug 28, 2010

Ahh cool :)

I like that Elfen Lied is your top anime :D

That series was some cool shit! Nyuu!