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True Tears

Dec 2, 2019

It's not a review, It's more like a list of problems this anime has, in my humble opinion of course.


Hiromi Yuasa, after the death of her parents, started to live with her classmate Shinichirou and his parents, due to them being friends with Hiromi's. At first, Hiromi acts coldly towards Shinichirou, even if she's in love with him (and viceversa). Shinichirou later meets a rather weird girl, Noe, who says she has lost her tears and wants Shinichirou to cry and give his tears to her, so that she can put them in a small bottle (completely forgotten in the whole show). Noe believes Shinichirou will fly someday. Ok, I believe that this philosophy of flying is all about "living your own life doing what you like, making your own decisions and so on" and it is present in the entire anime, even if it's not well developed (like... all the relationships between the characters). Shinichirou's best friend is in love with Ai, Shinichirou's childhood friend, who later reveals to be in love with MC.

So, these three girls are in love with Shinichirou. Well. Where's the problem?

Ai: She confesses to Shinichirou. Nothing really changed after this, since no one seems to care. Not even Shinichirou. She then decides to forget her love for S. and starts to date again Miyokiji. Conclusion? It was completely Pointless. It was like it had never happened.

Hiromi: Because of Shinichirou's mother who told her she was an illegittimate child and Shinichirou's sister, she decided to forget her feelings. Dear Mother: why? Why did you invent a so big lie? Beacuse you didn't like Hiromi. But why? What happened with her mother or with Hiromi? It just made no sense to me. When the truth was revealed, Mother just acted like nothing had happened. Ok. S.'s father, despite being mute for most of the show was a way more interesting character. He didn't make any stupid things.

Hiromi's relationship with S.: She seemed very mature at the beginning, but after the sibiling problem was resolved, she regressed to a normal adolescent. She acted like a mean and confused teen. Example: she invited S. at her place and them sent him away after 3 seconds. And the poor S. did nothing. That scene was... Ehhh??

Noe: the one who really suffered was her. Despite her child-like attitude, she was the only character that really convinced me. Except for the chicken thing. In her way, she tried to help Shinichirou grow up, to FLY, like Noe would probably have said. She really loved S. and she was fooled by him being a complete idiot. He has never been in love with her, he was just inspired by her and at the same time triyng to substitute his love for Hiromi with the one for Noe, which wasn't love. And she suffered. She suffered when her brother revealed his complex for her, when Hiromi, being heartless, told her to leave her and S. be, and then she tried to FLY. I want to believe she wanted to put an end to her sufferings, and... not trying to FLY for real.

Shinichirou?: nothing to say. 

In the end, the show wasn't boring, but it was pointless. Ai-chan and Miyokiji were. S.'s mother was. A lot of other things were.

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