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After three years of absence, I've finally returned to anime. I don't use this site as much as Kitsu or MAL, but I'll still add characters I like and reply to comments.

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If you want to recommend me an anime to watch, take a look at some of tags I like under the "I♥" section of my profile. I'm a sucker for all things dark and gritty provided they aren't too melodramatic.

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DcD09 Oct 31, 2019

Agreed. Plus, she banged her rapist...and killed him. Awesome.

VongolaUndici1196 Apr 21, 2019

Thanks for the suggestions 👍. I'll watch some of what you listed; starting with 91 days. Most I've seen, but lost interest in. Its been a few years, tastes have changed, so I'll consider it👌 .

Nicodemus Nov 23, 2018

So, bad dub can actually ruin good characters I see. Well, Rico is a loli, so it`s kinda convenient, she would fright and fail all the time. But ok.

Nice avatar, btw.

Nicodemus Nov 20, 2018


Why do you hate Riko and Miria with Isaac though?