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I don't care that the scores don't average out to two, who CARES!

DANCES WITH THE DRAGONS IS A SHOW ABOUT A-HOLES DOING POLITICAL WORK. It has one dragon in episode one and a dragon shaped like a human a few episodes in. There are really not a lot of dragons, in dancing with the dragons. Nor is there dancing. Dances With the Dragons refers to nothing about the anime.

As I said before the plot is political work for a corrupt government or something. I dunno. These two characters, gay us the elf slayer and the sword guy with the big euphamism and the furniture fetish, go around fighting random monster things, creepy people, and have relationship problems in their weirdly modern/medieval world. The world-building is clunky and sucky.

If you want good political drama, look elsewhere. If you want characters worth exploring or hanging around for 12 episodes, take a hike. There's none of that here. Gayus is a jerkwad loser. He's an irredeemable letcher with no abilities or contributions worth noting despite being the protagonist. His friend is an anger management-required bag of dicks with his brain in the clouds and his head up his ass. They have a dysfunctional "friendship" where they try to kill each other every five minutes and its not funny.

They are some kind of mages who protect the state for money, but we don't get to see them do that. They battle the political rivals of the corrupt government guy and get into weird situations. There's a lot of conspiracy stuff going on behind the scenes that makes absolutely no sense.

I want to know why we need 10+ scenes of gayass's friend making cupboards. I wonder why we need to see gayus's sex life with his wife. Why do we need to hear the inside of his head, wanting to take advantage of random women. Why does this anime want us to hate it so much. We'll never know.

I found nothing to latch onto with this show. The dragons themselves in episode one were misleading as was the magic and combat. The quality in animation and sound took a swandive immediately afterwords leaving nothing of value anywhere in this damned show. I doubt anyone else will review this so I'm shitting this out right now for you guys, just to tell you the nothing you're getting yourself into.

Dances with the Dragons is a nonsensical failure of a fantasy anime. It's not the kind of bad that's fun, it's just boring and terrible. The lowest common denominator of bad anime. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed for Anime Lottery Game

1/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Zed Jun 25, 2018

What is this lottery game that makes you watch stuff that you don't like, it sounds so stupid, I would never play it :P