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Amazing Female Characters in Anime

A list for female characters that are actually well written and unique, that are given the respect they deserve by their writers and have a distinct lack of cliched character tropes. No oversexualization/fanservice, not designed...

Anime Films: Ranked

All the standalone anime films I've seen ranked best to worst

Anime: Ranked

All the anime I've watched, ranked favorite to least favorite, including movies. All series have been stacked according to franchise except Gundam, Fate, JoJo, and Spinoffs, because I feel like it. Otherwise, their placements are...

Anime Soundtracks that will Destroy You

Half of effective presentation in media is sound design, and these anime do it the best.

Anime that aren't Assassination Classroom

Anime that are similar to Assassination Classroom, but aren't Assassination Classroom. (For better or for worse)

Anime that Impacted Me

Anime that drew me in and made me pay attention with their presentation, making me care deeply about their story and characters. In the end these anime changed the way I thought about something or I feel had an effect on who I am...

Anime villains I just think are neat.

I'm not a huge villain fan like most people that want to be "fringe", but there are a few great ones that really round out a story.

Blue Lock Characters: Best to Worst

Blue Lock Has a lot of characters, some great, some not so great. This is a list of Blue Lock's cast of characters in terms of how well-written and well-designed I consider them to be, to worst-written and worst-designed. I am...