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Welcome to my profile :)

Favorite video games: Sekiro, Breath of the Wild, Devil May Cry 5

Favorite movies: Jojo Rabbit, The Lord of the Rings, Coraline

Here's some music I'm into right now:

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Favorite Character:


-...The Best Striker in the World...-


Top 20

One Piece」 


To Your Eternity


Assassination Classroom




Space Dandy


Megalo Box


Kino's Journey




Call of the Night」 


Sonny Boy


Legend of the Galactic Heroes


Fullmetal Alchemist


Vinland Saga


「Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!




Great Pretender






Made in Abyss


 「Mob Psycho 100

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~~============Who are you?============~~

"Tell me your thoughts on it, I find it vexatious-"

"What topic hath earned your enmity?"

"Life is a Caravanserai of delights, but death is our destined lot. The only difference is for how long one eludes it."

"You voice all this to what end?"

"If the grave is one's only aspiration and guarantee, then life is a bleak path with little to recommend it. Wherefore this brief season of breath milady? What reason compels us to live?"


"You would laugh?! For what reason?!"

"The gall of such conceit. Tiny forms of life, there are which 'scape the naked eye. They do not demand “Wherefore?” of the cosmos. Go die if life without reason is so loathsome to you."

~~=======Can You Really Hear My Song?=======~~

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EvilTwit Aug 15, 2023

I like your profile pic What is it from?

Stnh May 3, 2023

Hmm that's pretty interesting for a sports anime 

Stnh May 3, 2023

All of them I have watched are pretty boring and get very repetitive take Haikyuu for example I liked it at first but then I just got so bored

Stnh May 2, 2023

Well I am a Shounen fan, just not a huge sports anime fan