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~~===================Who are you?===================~~

"Tell me your thoughts on it, I find it vexatious-"

"What topic hath earned your enmity?"

"Life is a Caravanserai of delights, but death is our destined lot. The only difference is for how long one eludes it."

"You voice all this to what end?"

"If the grave is one's only aspiration and guarantee, then life is a bleak path with little to recommend it. Wherefore this brief season of breath milady? What reason compels us to live?"


"You would laugh?! For what reason?!"

"The gall of such conceit. Tiny forms of life, there are which 'scape the naked eye. They do not demand “Wherefore?” of the cosmos. Go die if life without reason is so loathsome to you."

~~===================Can You Really Hear My Song?===================~~


Hello there! I'm Zach. But you can call me Rascal, or my previous username, Turkey, if you want!

Some of my favorite video games: Sekiro, Breath of the Wild, Devil May Cry 5

Some of my favorite movies: Jojo Rabbit, The Lord of the Rings, Coraline

Here's some music I'm into right now:

Here's the anime character I'm in love with forever:

I love memes, song mashups, and posting on the Anime Planet forum! Do check it out if you haven't been there.

I'm currently in school for computer science.

I don't read manga, it's simply too hard for me to get invested in it because of the lack of sound, color, motion, ect. I'll watch almost any anime though.

I love anime, but I tend to be very critical of more currently popular and mainstream anime. It's hard not to when they're so in-your-face.

If i'm ever gone from the site for a super long period of time, just assume I'm dead.



Currently Watching:



Favorite Character:


Nagisa Shiota


Favorite Anime:

Assassination Classroom


Other Favorites:





One Piece


Kino's Journey


Don't Mess With Eizouken




Great Pretender


Space Dandy


Vinland Saga


Made in Abyss




Fullmetal Alchemist


The Garden of Sinners


Mob Psycho 100




JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Fruits Basket






Gurren Lagann


Violet Evergarden


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Glitterz Jan 13, 2021

That's good music!

Also: 🌟Happy New Year🌟

blissinapricot Jan 8, 2021

thank you for the follow, i followed you back! Assassination classroom is one of my favourites too! :)

Koro Senseis stag beetle face~I felt like this gif had to be made | Assassination  classroom, Assasination classroom, Assassin

An1meDweeb Jan 4, 2021

Glad you liked my review on Majo no Tabitabi!

I had a fun time reading your take on the show. Gonna have to agree to disagree on a couple points, but it was well put together. Cheers!

justabaldguy Dec 31, 2020

Hey there. Still enjoying Planetes. Have to admit, some episodes are a bit darker than I expected (or at least not so goofy) but I really enjoy the hard sci-fi. No sound in space is always a thing for me, so I'm digging it.

Have any more interesting suggestions? My main problem is I get tired of anime before I get too far into them. So many shonen are boring, whining little boys getting shown up by some cocky support staff. I'd love to find something else. My all-time fave is One Punch Man. I enjoyed PsychoPass and Mob Psycho a lot, and am working through Railgun which is holding up. I know shows are so subjective, but if you've got anything off the top of your head you may want to recommend I thank you in advance.


SeaSparrow Dec 28, 2020

heya, i'm genuinly confused about what you like... there's no pattern to what you seem to enjoy. what specific genres do you tend to like more?