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The prospect of having kids being transported into a virtual world isn't new, but they have been done a whole lot better than this Anime. At first you will find out that the protagonists go on a parody of a videogame story, where they must confront various situations inspired by videogames and the occasional gag such as fast forwarding into a dungeon just to get to the other side. Every now and then they confront a buxom redhead named Mune-Mune who for reasons only known to her continue antagonizing the preteen duo in every other episode, all while exhibiting her voluptuous body to take advantage of Sashi, who would get embarrassed whenever she shows up in skimpy outfits. This in contrast can be seen as innocent, and often cute, the thought of a preteen boy having to encounter such a buxom woman who tried to impede their progress. Such themes in Anime and even in kid shows at that are not uncommon, such as nudity of virtually any type of character being adult or a kid and MSAA is no exception to this "rule."

However there lays the problem, as the show would more often than not, also depict constant nudity of Arumi, her being of 12 years of age, the same age as Sashi. It would start as a nude gag and even add bathroom humor to the bunch, but then it seems the show itself is obsessed in showing such a young character in said situations quite often, something that ended up turning me off and questioning how this would be seen as "funny" to anyone who believes seeing a preteen girl naked all the time would make for an enjoyable watchable experience.

I would not point this as the only thing I could fault this series, but it is enough for me to simply set it down and look for anything else that could offer the same themes without too much exposure of characters being that young. If the protagonists were a bit older, or even adults, this would not force me into stop watching it altogether and completely ignore that it ever existed.

I will also point out that I am well aware of nudity and Anime as I had at the beginning of this review, but some Anime like Magical Shop Arcade Abenoshi seems to take advantage of this rule and go on possibly waving it as a valid card to expose such young characters like Arumi virtually all the time to the point of rendering the whole series as tasteless. I will also add that this isn't what *I* am mostly focused on, but is what this Anime seems to *make me* want to focus on.

Saying all this, MSAA can be an enjoyable experience with its over the top gags and obscene humor that it tosses at the viewer at times, and quite frankly you can always skip such undesirable nude scenes or anything else that could turn you off from finishing watching this just to see where the series lead to and how the young protagonists continue to fall into strange, bizarre worlds which are a parody of anything you may had watched in real life.  If there is ever an edited version of this Anime I could actually recommend it a bit more than I could ever had done on this review.

8/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall

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