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5 - As Good As It Gets – This is the highest score, awarded to the best of the best, but it is not a perfect score. The phrase has been carefully chosen to mean that there are limitations to every title and that those limitations have been met. Nonetheless, being "as good as it gets" signifies the title’s prestige and clear-cut excellence.

4 - Fantastic – This is an excellent score that marks that the title should be recognized by all as being just that: fantastic. Its Cons are too minor to consider and are clearly outweighed by its Pros.

3 - Average –  There are many hits and misses. Its redeeming qualities barely make up for its drawbacks. The title is of questionable merit, but still deserves a chance.

2 - Poor – The lack of quality in this title is amazing (that’s an oxymoron, by the way). But, there is something about it that gives us the impression that it deserves better. Calling it "Horrible" or "Ugly" would just be wrong! There were things that could be liked… kind of.

1 - Horrible – Perhaps this title lacks in the creativity department… or maybe, a lot of other things are lacking. You know, "quality" and the likes. The title, however, has enough saving throws to keep it from hitting rock bottom. There’s a few things worth your time, but otherwise: to the recycle bin it goes!

.5 - Avoid At All Costs – This is the lowest rank. In fact, a title that has this rating does not even deserve any form of acknowledgement (but for the sake of the system, we gotta give ’em something). When coming into contact, or even remote proximity, it is best to just lower your head, stray your eyes away, and strafe to the left.

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Inoxentboy143143 May 28, 2020

Hi Guys,

I am having troubled by using this site and that is i dont know how to Start a vedio. No matter any anime i open there is no vedio showing .

How can i see anime online .there is nothing showing. For example i chose high school DXB hero when i click on that anime not a single episode showing there.

Please tell me what to do

I reaaly want to see animes in this site

This is my Email adress:- [email protected]

Waiting for the good response

Arav Sep 8, 2019


I have one problem that i can't read any manga i want to read... i did everything which has to be done.. can you help me by telling where is the problem is.... it will be very sweet of you if you help me..

Jacobtron27 Aug 29, 2019

How do i become a premuim member

Angelaorell Feb 20, 2019

Hello I can’t play D grayman hallow please help i cant see the episodes

ArtBunnie Sep 5, 2018

Hi Raiven! I know I haven’t responded to your message from way back when; but this website is incredibly easy to use! I’m totally thankful to have it lol it makes sense of my madness XD anyway, thank You for your helpful spirit <3 have a great day!