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SophiaDiggins Aug 4, 2016

You're welcome, It's my pleasure! c:

ooo Jigoku Shoujo looks intriguing, would you recommend it? ;3

SophiaDiggins Aug 3, 2016

It's my pleasure and It's great to hear you're doing well!

Oh how unfortunate :c good luck in school!

I'm sure time must've flew by, I hope you had a great summer overall though! and watched some really good anime c;

and I'm great! thanks for asking (^-^)

and What are you currently watching ? anything good? ;3

Have a great day once again!~

SophiaDiggins Aug 2, 2016

Hehhe, Thank you so much!♥

How have you been lately? ;3

You're the first person I know that has read it! c:

and I will! I love her visual works! c:

Have a great day!~

SophiaDiggins Aug 1, 2016


I so happen to come across your profile and I thought It was cute!

I followed you and I hope we can be friends! (^-^)

Have a great day!~

Sireneth Jul 4, 2016

Yeah this waiting for new episodes litereally s killing me...I havent watched todays new episode and i want to wait a bit to have more than only 30 mins of this anime for whole weekend. But i guess i know how its gonna end...At least im gonna try to save at least  1 episode for next time haha :D

Have a great evening :P