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AnnaSartin Jun 3, 2021

I think part of the problem I'm starting to have with choosing items for this list is that while more anime is being made starring adult protagonists, the characters are often being written in ways that don't match their age in the slightest. For example, when a series that stars a 20-something or 30-something adult is written in a way that it would be the exact same story if the protagonist were 15. Age doesn't factor in at all because the character isn't doing the kind of things adults do or thinking like an adult at all. Romances, harems/reverse harems, fujobait, and titty shows have their own unique issues when they suffer from immature protagonists. Males have the mindset of a teenage boy who are either dazzled by boobs, or simp to the extreme like a child in a candy store. They have no idea how to make a mature relationship work. Immature females who act like squealing middle schoolers are no better, and are certainly not in the spirit of "adults doing adult things". So what I'm attempting to do is be more selective of what goes on the list, so there will be more quality recommendations instead of a huge quantity. I'll need to prune it when I have the time to go through everything.

AnnaSartin Jun 2, 2021

I've added Berserk, but am currently not adding anymore ecchi/fanservice shows (and will eventually do a clean up of the list clearing ecchi/smut/borderline H content out). This is to keep the list from becoming bloated and loaded down with anime where the main point of the show is boobs or sex, rather than adult characters doing interesting things. I'll still be including straight, gay, and lesbian romance titles, just ones that do not include the three tags mentioned above. 

AnnaSartin Feb 12, 2021

I haven't seen Log Horizon either so no idea

Glitterz Feb 11, 2021

Hi! I think your profile picture looks really cool✨

I hope you have a great day/evening ^.^

BengCries Jan 4, 2021

hello...I came across your profile after reading your comment under Norman's (the promised neverland) profile because you used the word "dapper" and I loved it...but I have a single question for you...I see that you have Rachel (tower of god) under your adored characters...WHYYY??? Does her personality improve in the webtoon or something???