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My Hero Academia 5

Jan 4, 2022


Usually series have filler EPISODES, however this whole thing was just a filler SEASON.

Honestly the only developing parts in the whole season was Deku’s new discovery, Hawks, and the very last bit with the villains. The rest were just useless dragged out bs. This season is probably the one that I skipped forward the most in. At times it would just be unbearable, —I get the need for ‘character development’ or whatever but com’on you need to balance it out, don’t make a WHOLE season freaking skippable! And the annoyance is way worst when watching while it’s ongoing as opposed to it being already finished and the next season out.

Like some other reviews I’ve seen, them constantly fighting against each other and it lasting half the whole freaking season is getting OOOLD. TWO EPISODES! REALLY ONLY TWO EPISODES ARE NEEDED~😭 The entirety of the first half is basically them tournament fighting, the second half is all learning about the villains. AGAIN IT WOULD BE FINE IF IT DIDN’T TAKE UP AS MUCH IF THE SEASON AS IT DID. (Also, am I the only one that gets kinda annoyed when they introduce all the characters’ quirks again?) 

Now don’t get me wrong, I love bnha, I love the concept and the characters but this season really wasn’t my cup of tea. The honest truth... you REALLY don’t have to watch this season you can just go from season 4 to season 6 (hopeful that one’ll be better) just read a summary and you’ll be all good.

[I was actually extremely late to realising this season was even freaking out, I’m literally watching it 2 months after it ended. I tried to watch the 5th season but I didn’t remember shii that happened before so I tried to watch the end of season 4 and shii still wasn’t clicking then I went to the start of season 4 —And then just decided to watch from season 1. Yeah that’s not gonna happen next season, I will actively skip this season if anything.]

...kinda harsh huh😅..

Anyways in conclusion, I’ll repeat... This whole season was skip👏pa👏ble.👏

3/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
5/10 overall
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