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Holy shit they ripped off everything and I mean ripping off piece by piece of every anime 

Firstly kirito from sao (main protagonist) cause the appearance  

Emilia tan from rezero (hair style)

btw got triggered "steal' (stealing pansu) from konosuba that Japanese

that Japanese girl from touho.

another "transported to another universe bullshit wwwww majide kusa 

3/10 story
4/10 animation
2/10 sound
4/10 characters
3.3/10 overall

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saiyananmoldeep Jun 30, 2020

ahh. bro there is a 'overpowered mc' tag. 

HentaiDarkness Jun 15, 2018

I know U havent read or did reserch but its funny as fuck and thats all it matters (tbh i dont care as long as theres hentai)

TheTacticianMusician Jan 12, 2018

Allow me to point out that nothing is ever entirely original. All of those things you said this anime "takes" from also "take" from many other IPs in the exact same way. That's just an inevitable thing.

I'll agree though that when I saw that samurai girl, I immediately said "Reimu?"

Wyr3d Oct 17, 2017

Well, I dunno about "everything" but there are a lot of fishy similarities with other manga, and anime - but these easily be put down as coincidence since a lot of these points are generalized in games, and other media. And that leads me to the one point that does spark off as blatant theivery:

The MC's is taken from FFVIII character Seifer (both in design, and also the abilities buff I believe); and the weapon is taken from the FFXII version of the gunblade, which has the same ability to switch between "blade" and "gun" modes

Henpeisoku Oct 7, 2017

Such a shame that the light novel was released same year as konosuba that they copied...