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Slave B

Jun 19, 2020

It's a hard read. All the people who are assholes get to do whatever they want. While good people have to suffer being tortured and humiliated.

The MC hardly ever stands up to himself and is constantly bullied.

There is hardly any justice in this manga. And everytime you think it's going to get turn around and he might actually get rewarded for his hardwork.

There is some cheating two-faced character you thought was decent who turns out to be an asshole in disguise and puts the MC back to the freaking bottom. 

Honestly, its disgraceful and depressing to read. The author is some sort of cruel sadist. 

And you get the sense the character hasn't grown at all since the start of the story because he is still groveling at people's feet despite claiming he'd change the world. 

Makes me want to punch a wall. 

5/10 story
7/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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faythelostsheep Sep 23, 2021

what chapter did you left off at fool.mc did change i know its fucking slow but ppl dont change overnight. what the fuck u expect dipshit

Shampoliny Jun 23, 2020

hahaha, ''Slave'' is in the name and you expect fairytales and plotholes to help the mc? 

The begining of the chapther should have explained how brutal this series is. 

But that's what's so great about it, we audience want's to see him take revenge so hard that we will follow his journey to the end. 

The writer is not an sadist, it seems like he wants an mc that Works hard, Endure and learn how cruel that world is with us the audience without the Mc being spoon feed. 
And yes Characthers being twofaced to a slave makes sense? who would want to treat him with respect if they have been spoon feed by slaves for years...  

This kind of Genre is Dark Fantasy, i recomend u take a look on the genre ''op mc'' and ''fantasy'' instead. 

Marc26 Jun 19, 2020

Somehow you are right, but if I can, I think the main character is a realistic and logic character. He is born slave( really almost born slave) so for he is normal obey and submit to Masters, but the only reason he groveling to people's feet as you say and maybe the only reason why he is alive are their sisters. It's hard to read? Yes, sometimes it is, if you will drop the Manga you have your reasons, but if I can tell my opinion it would be a mistake. I think that if we put in the main character's shoes we not only understand him but we can fell his distress and pain, I think this is hard but positive for the reader. Last, I will tell you that if you have read 28 chapters, maybe it isn't too bad for you and soon or late he have his revenge against the nobles, like chapter 20(beautiful ending of chapter), maybe he will no longer be a good person like now but to know it we have to read.
All the best