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Clannad After Story

Sep 15, 2020

"Clannad", either if you have watched it or not, I'm pretty sure that if you are a part of the anime community, then atleast you've heard of this anime. Now this review of mine will only be covering the second season of Clannad, AKA "Clannad Afterstory". So I recently rewatched the second season of clannad(Clannad Afterstory), and yes I confirmed it that it's still a masterpiece after so many years. While I don't remember much of season1, but I'm definitely sure that s2 left a big mark of memory for everyone. I won't be touching any spoilers in this review, so if you haven't watched the anime you can still get a general idea of what clannad is after reading this review.

Well then, here's my review of Clannad Afterstory:-

So first of all, I'll try to critique some points and then later on I'll give my opinions on it and my overall review. So first let's start from the shortcomings of this anime.


                        Now while some people like me may love the animation of clannad still to this day and think of it as really asthetic, but due to many new people entering the anime community and many new anime studios opening up, I think it's safe to say that clannad did not stand the tests of time. Now while some of us(including me) may love the animation and the artstyle of it, I think we should accept that it's artstyle even back then when it was released, was pretty generic, and comparing it to some of the modern big names in SoL anime, while clannad may be far above many others, but I think the animation and artstyle didn't stand the tests of times. Now even tho I wanna give it a 9 cuz in my opinion it was really great but I think I'll have to compromise on this one and I'll have to give it an 8 here.


                                   So now that we have the only shortcoming of clannad out of the way, let's start from where it begins for clannad to be a masterpiece. Now the music and osts of clannad can only be described in one word "Beautiful". Cuz at first it may seem to be your standard osts, music and ops and endings, but when you watch the anime, the same music fits the anime so much that it just makes it even more beautiful. The thing I love about them are that, even tho it's been really long for some of us that have watched clannad, but when we do listen to the theme songs or osts sometimes in a while, we get the same feeling we got back then when were watching the anime. In terms of music, I will say that yes, it did age well. So I'll give this part of anime, a Solid 9!


                            Now just as music and every other thing is important for a good anime, I and many others think that Voice Acting plays a major role in an anime in being good and bad. It doesn't subtracts or adds some extra numbers, but it's about the enjoyment of the show. If the voice acting of the show is good and real, then it gives the characters more room too, for us to understand the characters better,it makes the character actually seem real! Now I won't be going on about how important voice acting is cuz that topic is for another day. For now I'll give my opinions on the voice acting of clannad. Now at first the voice acting of it may seem like your usual SoL voice acting, but when you get to watch more and more of this show, you realize that voice acting in this show is actually really good. The voice acting makes us realize what kind of Character Okazaki is, what kind of character nagisa is, and don't get me started on how good the voice acting of ushio was❤️(May God bless her soul and always keep her safe and happy). So my general score for voice acting in this show is 9, cuz it was really really great.


                            Now if there's one thing you can't hate about Clannad, that in my opinion would be the characters of this show. The character writing in this show was just outstanding. At first they may seem like your typical SoL Characters, but as you get to read them, you realize that how much well written they are. For example, Okazaki's Character in my opinion is one of the best written MC in SoL anime (some examples of other good MCs in SoL are natsume from natsume yuujinchou and kiriyama rei from 3-gatsu no lion). Now the thing about these characters is that they actually seem real instead of some other high school anime MC. The thing that makes these characters the most real for me is that they don't bitch about life, even tho they had life way worse than many others, they understand others too and understand that they are not the only one suffering, and the way these characters do it, seems so real. Now I wanna talk about other characters too, like nagisa, that how much character development she had and she still had that character trait in her, from which we get to know that yes, she's getting better and better. But even tho she's changing, she's getting better and better, she's still Nagisa. But ig if I talk too much, that'll just make me want to give some spoilers lol, so ig I'll stop for today. And now, considering all the characters in this show, the way they were written, and the way they were portrayed and used in the show. I'll give it a 10/10.


           The plot of clannad, the part for which many people love it and many hate it. Now at first when I watched it years ago I couldn't understand why there are haters of this show, but now that I rewatched it, I get why there are haters of this show, and that's mainly because of the plot of the show, while many people like me love it, many hate it too. The reason of that if I mention here, will be stepping past the spoiler barrier that I set around myself, so I'll not say it. But I'll still talk about how well written it is. As I mentioned earlier that this review is only about the second season of clannad, this season is where everything starts to thicken, and some mysteries that were yet to be unravelled in first season, are revealed and we get to know how beautiful they are. At first all of the characters in clannad may seem kind of bland but when you get to know more and more about them, you realize that yes, they are really really well written. Even tho they had to face hardships and suffering in life, they call still get over it with their hard work and willpower, and without even bitching about it. Now note here that sharing your problems with other people is good and it may sometimes help you get over some stuff, and that is also what clannad portrayed beautifully. But by no means it showed any character bitching about stuff, as I said earlier I won't give spoilers. Well sorry I strayed off the topic for a while there, now back to business. The plot of clannad which really sticks out the most in anime community is that in many other SoL shows, the series most likely ends after getting together but clannad took that one step further. That's why it says afterstory in the title. And the way clannad showed some of the hardships of marriage, child birth, and some other things too, was just really really well done. I Just can't get over the fact that even after so many years of it being released, Kyoto Animation did such a good job on this anime that it's priceless even now. So for the plot of this anime, I'll give it a solid 10/10,cuz goddamn it was a masterpiece.


                           Now the thing is that no matter how good a show is terms of some critical aspects, if you don't enjoy the show, then it was all for nothing, so for the enjoyment part of the show I'll give it another 10/10 here cuz I really really enjoyed watching it. While there were some cringe or cliche moments in it, I can't lie when I say that I actually enjoyed them. Even tho I watched this show after a long time, I still enjoyed it and loved it. 


                    Now as for the overall part of this show, I'll give it a 10/10 here, cuz even tho there were some shortcomings about it, KYOANI did a great job of getting over them and presenting us one of their best work. There were some mishaps but on the grand scale, it didn't matter much ig. So once again I'll give it a 10/10. And yes I highly recommend this anime to everyone out there.

And in the end there's one line from Alec Benjamin which sticks out the most for me after watching clannad, and that's "The world's not perfect, but it's not that bad"


10/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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