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READ 90 Chapters from this reviw. 

I dropped it already, i have no more hope for it. This is the type of manhwa that tries to prolong the same plot while adding little side story to make it long. the type of manhwa where it needs to came close to ending before anything big happen between the romance and the revenge plot. 

For me its a meh, i find the premise interesting about her being a villain before and how she was manipulated by her sister. But after awhile i dont find it interesting anymore, she is fighting a kid as an antogonist when she got back. There are a lot of smart and complex scenarios and that was really fun but at the end the reveng never felt satisfying, i just dont like a plot where it takes too long for the story to progress and kinda dull at that, imagine being reincarnated with an older soul and has a lot of capabilities and knowlege it would have felt easier to kill a child like her sister, 90 chapters in and the revenge plot is still there, i rather wanted the revenge plot or the plot against her sister to end in a minimum 50 chapters. Everything just stayed too long that it became boring and kinda repetative, everything about this manhwa takes too long, the revenge and even the romance. When talking about the romance its so dull and emotionless, i never got any emotional feeling when romance kicks in, and it never felt satisfying, both the leads also has so less of a time to meet, they will be together in no less then 4 chapters then wait for 15-30 chapters again before they can meet, you would find it hard to believe both the leads can have such affections to one another with so little time together. If you are reading this for the revenge plot this might be somewhat interesting but again its very repetative and the revenge is unsatisfactory and long enough to be annoying *just finish it already and move on to another plot for gods sake*. Also if you are reading for romance this isnt also it, again i say that the romance is just so dull. Just a bunch of pretty faces. Plus the relationship the two leads have is too perfect, they have no problem with their relationship other than they have both different goals and busy with their life outside of their relationship and i find that hard to like for a romance i dont like perfect couples with stupid wall that stops them from getting furthur in their relationship.  There are also a lot uncessary talking that doesnt help build the character or the plot. Also i think i find a pattern here, everyone seems to be wearing a two face character, for me that doesnt make a character complex. 

Art is okay, nothing too good to talk about, the only thing i dont like is the lack of details with other characters that arent important and it feels lazy seeing it. 

I just really had a hard time reading this, i cant properly explain how i didnt like it, but something about every chapter makes it feel unsatisfying and not very entertaining to read. 

4/10 story
6.5/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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