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Heyo, you're probably here to see some of my manga/manhwa/manhua reviews.

I'm the type of reader who likes complexity in his read, but at the same time i appreciate ass manga that are just plainly to entertain me. With that i'm a little bit off from rating mangas because some mangas that dares to try to be serious i rate them at higher level meamwhile trashes that knows they're trash i rate them like how readable they are to be enough as entertaining and does the job for a pass time. 

I also rate manhwa/manga/manhua differently 

(10) - Favorite.

(9) - one of the best at its category or genre.

(8) - lot things to like but also has some bad things also.

(7) - does the job for what it is meant to be or for what kind of genre it is.

(6) - some good things but a lot of undesirables also.

(5) - read only when bored.

(4) - probably shit. But you could find it entertaining but not fot me. 

(3-1) - avoid. 

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