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17hiru Jul 1, 2020

Thank you soo much

SatsukiKiryuin May 24, 2020

Only question really would be; Is there any secret to making friends here? Or is it just a matter of.. leave reviews on anime, characters, and hope someone interacts with you? 

SatsukiKiryuin May 24, 2020

Thanks for the warm welcome, appreciate it. ♥

17hiru Mar 22, 2020

I'm a newbie

can you tell me how to watch anime here?

Oceanwithwaves Mar 6, 2020

Hi! I love your bio.

I don't think you can call me a creative spirit, but I've played the cello for a long time. That was a bit of random info, sorry.

I also see you rate quite highly, so do I, so I'm happy I've found someone who does that as well XD.

And we seem to have a bit of the same taste in anime, which is cool! Lika Attack on Titan for example, it's my favourite anime, what are your thoughts on it?

Sorry if this was random, I just haven't started a conversation like this in a while, so sorry if I seem really weird!