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Beauty and the Beasts

Feb 7, 2020

The best novel I've ever read!

This story's not for everybody but is still great in its  own way. It isn’t as flushed as some might like but it’s like a slice of life from a another world with beast men. In the world girls control harems and all the guys just want a chance at love. The main character is clever but very fickle as she treats the guys bad at first probably without realizing it, but she really grows to be more caring to them with time and is actually nicer to the males then the other females are. I both like and dislike that she gives herself freckles to look ugly in the beginning since freckles are considered very unattractive in Chinese culture but she’s so cute anyways and people still love her freckles and all, like Curtis who always treats her like a princess. It’s sweet where you really root for the guys to be loved, you just want her to show them all the love they work so hard for. The others characters are awesome and very interesting. Its very chill and sweet so don’t expect tuns of action all the time. Just beautifully illustrated simple slice of life that's a romantic revers harem that visits new topics and new unusual settings. What's not to love? Best character is the snake Curtis though <3

8/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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Madsoji Oct 16, 2021

I agree with on that, I do like this Manga but it's not for everyone also my fav character is Curtis, he's truly cares about her more then anyone does