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Sanshou wa Kotsubu de

Dec 24, 2021


The story was alright for what it is. It was an interesting take on a bara bl for me. Usually i read bara with guys that are approximately the same height and build.  Personly, the seme was way to aggressive and i really disliked how he kept calling the uke "a woman" or "his woman", and the whole "make my woman fit my taste" is crap. I felt the seme was just belittling the uke the whole time.  I was happy fit the two of them at the end, but there was no growth other than dicks.

I think the artwork could have been a little better. There were points where it felt like there was too much toner and a little too much exaggeration on the penis. I've heard that there are some crazy sized penises out there, but i just felt it was too exaggerated for the mc's body size. I did like how the characters looked throughout the whole story. Sometimes you'll find a few proportional discrepancies with the hands or face compared to the body, but there weren't any. 

5/10 story
5/10 art
3/10 characters
5/10 overall

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