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I'm more of a glasses man myself.

Before you read any of the below, I'd like to remind you that we all have differing opinions, perceive different anime with varying mindsets, and therefore may disagree as to how to evaluate certain anime. This applies to manga and light novels as well.

If you're reading this, you either A) clicked it by accident and will close the tab now or B) are interested in my anime preferences.

I'll watch pretty much any anime as long as I find it interesting. I'm not picky about genres. I tend to value personal recommendation and the subjective evaluations of individuals I trust over suposedly "objective" criteria. 

I'm always on the lookout for good anime/manga/book/music recommendations but there's no guarantee that I'll get to it anytime soon. I tend to watch stuff on a whim these days.

Detailed ratings scale

tl;dr version ("tier" equivalent in parentheses)

5 All time great (S)

4.5 Great (A)

4 Good (B)

3.5 Decent (C+)

3 Acceptable (C)

2.5 Mediocre (C-)

2 Poor (D)

1.5 Bad (D-)

1 Terrible (F+)

0.5 Toxic (F)

I do not "grade on a curve" (i.e. I don't try to set my ratings to fit a certain average) but as my standards for what anime are good or bad change, I may adjust some of my anime ratings. My reviews, however, will always reflect what I felt at the time of writing.



Anime I recommend the most

Every anime is a cooking anime if you believe hard enough


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  • 2
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  • 1
  • 0.5

428 total

Life on manga

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Manga ratings

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AnnaSartin Nov 17, 2021

No problem! :)

AnnaSartin Nov 17, 2021

Just a reminder that Secret Santa is back and sign-ups are still open if you want to play again this year! ^_^ 
Secret Santa 2021

Rascal Sep 29, 2021

Thanks! I've had it for a long time, pretty much since I joined the site. Also I'm just now adding short comments to the descriptions of all the series so there will be more to look at.

Elaina ain't cool, I gotta protect the honor of kino's journey by verbally executing the blasphemous copycats :p

AsgerHartlev Aug 30, 2021


Why thank you, kind stranger ;)

ObscureObsidian Apr 19, 2021

Yeah, but for example Monster has managed to stay (not on top, but pretty hugh nonetheless). That's why Skip Beat!'s presence surprises me so much.

And then there's Legend of Galactic Heroes, which I don't think is gonna ever go away XD. I'll stay in the rankings forever.