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XXX ffs,  living in Hungary. Currently, I'm preparing for the upcoming college.
Started out as a digital illustrator to-be, but that went down the drain due to RSI. It would be great if I could find a job in the field of astronomical image processing or astrophysics later on.
It's never too late.

Active quaker since '96, quaker until the grave. Main profile is Quake III Arena / Quake Live.
idTech 3, Doom- & Build Engine for life.
Logitech MX300 is the best mouse ever made, period. Also, please get me some spare Allsop Raindrop GigaPad XLs too.

I'm interested in computer science, retrocomputing / retrogaming, paleontology, history of antiquity / medieval ages and aviation as well. Sometimes you can catch me writing poetry.
I like chess and table tennis, though I rarely got the chance to play them.

Being a true id Software / Blizzard / Square /- Enix / Arc System Works/ Black Isle - Interplay /ATLUS and Fallout-believer, since ancient times. Started the industry in the mid-16 bit era on 8 bit with a NES.

The Alien Trilogy and the Matrix Trilogy are basically on a religious level, respectively since I was 8 and 14 years old. Also, a trekkie for good.

Marvel and Dark Horse comics are good for your health.
Played a great variety of pen & paper RPGs on a very high level, for ~10 years. I sure miss those days.
If you want to play cards, Magic: The Gathering is the way to go.

Esteemed authors: H. P. Lovecraft, Robin Cook, Stephen King, Vladimir Nabokov, Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, R. A. Salvatore, Raymond E. Feist, J. R. R. Tolkien, Tom Clancy.

Esteemed poets: Tóth Árpád, Radnóti Miklós.

Characteristic music: Juno Reactor, Sonic Mayhem, Dream Theater, The Prodigy, Kanno Yōko, Celldweller, Rom di Prisco, Saki Kaskas, Shimamiya Eiko, Infected Mushroom, Parallax Breakz, Astrix, Armin van Buuren, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Akkezdet Phiai, Frank Sinatra, Frédéric Chopin, various anime OSTs.

Inspirational people: John D. Carmack II, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Admirer of the '80s and '90s supercars, related british / german engineering and veteran american muscle cars.
Consumer electronics of the '80s and early '90s are objects of piety.

Connoisseur-, enthusiast- and collector mentality 4 lyfe bruv.

First got involved with anime in like late '93.

Favourite genres: loli, ecchi, slice of life, comedy, romance, shōjo / josei. Cyberpunk/steampunk definitely. Sci-fi / Space Travel / various kinds of fantasy too.
A good seinen swordfight and such are appreciated as well.
Avid fan of the '90s, classic OVAs and Pioneer LDC stuff in general.

Revered media is LD. I'll get a Pioneer HLD-X9 one day.

Favourite seiyū: Kugimiya Rie ♥, Kitamura Eri ♥, Taguchi Hiroko ♥ , Inoue Kikuko, Arai Satomi, Horie Yui, Sawashiro Miyuki, Yūki Aoi and Koyasu Takehito.

Really, I mean I REALLY don't understand people capable of watching re-dubbed anime..

Favourite JP artists: Fujisihima Kōsuke, Yūki Noboteru, Urushihara Satoshi, Uran, Katsura Masakazu, Kawashita Mizuki, Sendō Banri+Ebara Shibuko (Peach-Pit), Watashiya Kaworu, Range Murata, Takeda Itsuko and the CLAMP quartet (Ōkawa Nanase, Mokona Apapa, Nekoi Tsubaki and Igarashi Satsuki).

Their work is truly inspiring.

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Demiurge May 12, 2015

anything good recently? Psycho-Pass 2 was good... 

Demiurge Dec 27, 2014

merry christamasu

Nova96 May 12, 2013

Szia rég írtál valami véleményt ph-ra pedig, én mindig szívesen olvastam. Főleg, hogy már tényleg nagyon rég írtál. De gondolom, idő hiányába vagy kedv.De, remélem egyszer újra olvashatok egy ph-t kiakasztó postot.:DD

AnimeRockz Nov 7, 2010

I've not seen it yet as I have only just seen your post a couple days ago. Hopefully I will try it out! Whats it about?

AnimeRockz Nov 5, 2010

Hey, sorry haven't replied in a while :( Been busy with school work! So...how do you like this new badge feature then??