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Jul 13, 2016

It starts out in the middle of the invasion (which reminded me of War of the Worlds). Red tones add to the sense of fear and death. Scenes of explosions, some giant thing, a broken city, and fire take up much of the first two minutes. Sounds of evacuation orders, pilots speaking on their radios, falling rubble, explosions, and a young child crying and his sisters comforting words to him fill the speakers. The day the world ended for the first time.

 Wait, how many times can a world end......? Does it have nine lives? uhhh...anyway...all that boom and doom stuff ends after two minutes and we see a guy in front of a beautiful blue sky and a vast ocean with seagulls chirping.

There are three cities with schools where children fight the "unknown." One school, the one the main character is from, wears red and black or red and dark blue and appears like witches. Another school wears black and seems to specialize in fire arms. I'm not really sure what the white school is. Maybe it is specialized weapons or something. None of it has really been explained.

So what? It sounds similar to Kuusen Madoushi, World Break, Infinate Stratos, Chrome Shelled Regios, etc etc. High school students fighting otherworldly creatures is nothing new. After the first episode, I waited a while to watch the second episode till I was really bored. Then I waited again till the third episode. In other words, it wasn't so interesting that I had to catch the new episode each week or really cared about it at all. The introduction to the story and characters is weak or rather lacking. The story sort of jumps in with out much explanation. It does build the characters up decently well, but you wouldn't guess it from the first episode. 

Once I watched episode three, I got a bit more interested in the story and now, at episode eight, I'm hooked. Why? Because it looks like there is more than meets the eye. I mean that in more than one way, but you wouldn't get that until you actually watch and if you already watched then you probably wouldn't read this so it's a useless pun/joke/something ahhhh whatever! Lets move on past my rambling please. 

The story has all sorts of fighting from swords to magic, to guns, to the power of singing which almost makes it feel like it's spread too thin. Many of the characters have strong personalities too which almost makes it feel like there are too many main characters. Focus tends to shift a lot which cause it to feel like it doesn't have a focus sometimes. So why is it worth watching? If it was just another story about high school kids fighting otherworldly creatures, I probably wouldn't give two hoots about it. So why?

Well first off, I used almost and sometimes which means it didn't, it just came close to. What appears to be a lack of focus and lack of explanation and story development might actually be working in it's favor (depending on whether my prediction of what will happen next is right or not). The multiple styles of fighting mean you get a little bit of everything, all of which ends in nice colorful explosions. The strong characters don't really matter since they seem to be disposable, although who knows, they might not be in the end. However, making them at least seem disposable makes it more exciting for me. The storys' concept of high school students fighting seems to be more of a coverup concept for the truth which seperates it from other similar anime I listed earlier. While I wouldn't say it's the best of this season, I think it's worth watching. Of course, who knows what will happen with the rest of the episodes. There is still time for it to throw itself in the trash or finish with a win.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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PurplePeopleEater Aug 25, 2016

I wrote this when only one episde was out and it hasn't been updated since because I haven't been keeping up with the episodes much. That's why it's just the first episode with a few of my own thoughts thrown in. :p Geez people.