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Jul 8, 2016

Updated after second episode.

The setting is interesting although I doubt it will be explained thoroughly. The plot seems to be centered around the relationship of a robot girl who used to work at a planetarium and is unaware of the city's current condition and a junker who stumbled upon her by mistake. The audience has only been given a little bit of information about the mans background and what happened to the city and the world through the mans dreams and memories. The man stumbles upon the robot and, at first, wants nothing more than to get away from the overly talkative machine. Unfortunately for him, his enemy is waiting for him outside and he has to wait till they leave. The robot pesters him to watch the show only to find out the big machine is in need of repairs. At first, the man doesn't care and starts to leave the next day making false promises to come back however, the robot continues talking and mentions her happiness caused by these promises until he starts walking back to her. That is how it all starts basically. It is later mentioned that she only operates one week of the year becuase there isn't much electricity left and she has to charge the rest of the year. The man just happened to show up at the beginning of that week. It seems like it might follow a similar story line to that of other stories where a character only has a certain amount of time left to live. The man will either try to make it so she can operate longer, grant her a wish, or hang around until she is gone and part ways. This is just a guess though. The story is pretty simple, especially since there are only two characters. The setting doesn't change much either. I like the art style for the most part. The girl has that unrealistic anti-gravity hair thing going on but she is a robot and I don't think it's actually all hair. There aren't any easy identifying features of the main character but since he is the only male, there doesn't need to be. So far, the plot is progressing nicely and the characters are simple but interesting, or rather the relationship between them is interesting. I like the art work. There isn't really anything to complain about yet.


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9/10 overall
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