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Mayo Chiki!

Jun 16, 2015

I don't feel like writing a long review so this will be very short.

I really enjoyed this anime. It doesn't have a deep story, it doesn't exactly finish, and it is a bit cheesy and boob obsessed. Despite all that, I still enjoyed it. It's a bit funny and occasionally serious for five seconds. A guy has a crazy strong fighting mom and a strong sister, both of whom beat him up to "practice". When ever his nose would start bleeding they would stop practicing on him, so now his nose bleeds whenever a female touches him. When he accidently finds out the butler of a rich girl in school is actually a girl, he finds himself in trouble. To keep from being killed, he has to promise to keep the secret, however in return, the rich girl decides to try to cure him of his nosebleeds and it goes on from there. It's pretty simple. If you are just looking for some entertainment, it's a good watch. I reccomend it. Just don't expect a deep story or anything. For what it is, I give it an 8.5. 

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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