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Beastars 2

Apr 1, 2022

It's not even that the anime is a little weird. It's the lack of cohesive plot that bothers me. From the very beginning, the story doesn't seem to have a purpose. We start with a murder in the first season, but that doesn't really come into play until the second season. There's a sort of, almost, barely there romance between the protagonist and another character, but that never gets much focus. There's the whole beastar thing, which the show is named for, but it's never fully explained and feels like a half-baked side plot that gets completely lost after the first season. And aside from one moment in the first season, it never had any real consequence on anything.... like most of the themes and events....

(Mild spoiler warning)

The second season finally focuses on the murder of Tem (sort of). It feels a little late considering it was one of the first things we saw in the anime and an entire season has passed before anyone gets serious about figuring out who did it... but whatever. Except there's still this sort of romance plot that never goes anywhere or affects anything, a sort of yakuza plot that never goes anywhere and has very little effect aside from removing Ruiz from most of the main action. Actually, it does build Ruis' character and help explain his decisions in the last episode, but it still feels a bit unnecessary for some reason. There's also a new character whose purpose for existing is about as clear as any other character introduced (aka... why did he exist?). Honestly, it feels like some characters and events get thrown in for no reason other than to be an unnecessary part of the plot later on because the writers wanted them to... Idk. 

As I already mentioned, the whole beastar thing, which the anime is named for, plays a very background and seemingly unneeded role. It's barely mentioned second season. There's this whole meeting of the schools or whatever to make Cherryton pick a Beastar, and they make a decision and.... that's it. That's the last of that. Nothing happens with it. It feels completely forgotten about a few episodes later.

There's a whole thing with a security guard snake and Legoshi which turns out the same way. Snake shows up to push Legoshi in the right direction for the plot, says some cryptic stuff, and... that's it. Never seens again. Feels completely forgotten about a few episodes later.

There's a point where they bring up the school will be separating carnivores and herbivores in the coming year. Some comments are made. Some people are unhappy. And.... that's it. It feels completely forgotten a few episodes later. It has no effect on....whatever the main plot of this show is.

It's mentioned that the drama club will shut down. The members start talking about protesting. And... that's it. Nothing after that. They basically do nothing. It has no influence on the main plot... probably... if there is a main plot.

There are completely useless shorts about characters with no relevence to the story at any point in time. I wouldn't mind this so much if the rest of the time wasn't spent doing who knows what. It just feels like more random stuff thrown in the pot. Are we getting anywhere at all in the story? Who knows. But we know the wold really likes egg sandwiches...

Point being... there's no cohesive plot. There's so many random bits and useless, unfinished side-plots happening at any given time. It feels like someone trying to tell a story and constantly getting sidetracked. 

That said, it gave me a few laughs. Half those laughs were just wtf am I watching and wth is happening. But hey, laughs are laughs and it passed the time. I'm not going to hype it up as some great anime, because it's a mess, but it's not bad either. I wasn't begging for it to end or anything. I'd recommend it as a time killer that doesn't take too much bain power to watch.. in fact... best not to use brain power at all. Seriously. Don't think too deep or hard while watching. Just don't. Everything gets so much weirder if you start overthinking it. Take it as it is and leave it. 

4/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall

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