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2016 The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Includes only the ones I have at least watched part of. I am working on updating the reasons slowly.

Animes with Female Protagonist

Animes with the main character being female. The story follows the female not the male.

Best and Worst High-Stakes Game Anime

High-stakes/life-or-death game anime that were good or bad.

Chill Anime

Chill anime. Anime with less intense plots that are still enjoyable.

Dark Depressing Anime

Sometimes I like a good sad story that almost brings you to tears. This list contains animes that I thought were full of emotion. Many of them were excellent stories. Some weren't quite as enjoyable. I think all of them are good...


BL, yaoi, and how-can-you-say-this-ISNT-gay-when-they-look-at-each-other-like-that titles

Human Experimentation in Anime

Animes featuring one or more characters who were subject to human experimentation. This mostly refers to experimentation in a lab during childhood but could be something else. If I missed any, let me know please! I know I'm...

Least Favorite Anime

A list of anime that I disliked. I didn't even finish some of them because they were that awful or that boring, and I usually try to finish anime even if I don't like them. Me not finishing it says something all by itself.